Shaun on a break

With Mad As Hell finishing last Wednesday, and Mr & Mrs Murder next Wednesday, it looks like we’re going cold turkey on Shaun for a while.

As alluded to at the end of the last MAH episode, there will be no more episodes before the federal election (September), which was mentioned at the end of season 1 as a possibility for new episodes. In fact, two sources at the show have advised there is no confirmation of a third season at all yet, but we remain hopeful.

Likewise, we have no confirmation on a second season of Mr and Mrs Murder – this probably depends on a number of factors, including funding and network support.

Shaun’s been flat out since Mad As Hell first aired this time last year, going straight into filming M&MM then the second season of MAH, so most likely he’s taking a bit of a break. Maybe to complete work on a new book?

[Edit: I didn’t double-check my facts, and Mr & Mrs Murder is actually a thirteen week series – I originally suggested they had both already finished. Oops.]

7 thoughts to “Shaun on a break”

  1. I got to hear a small portion of Shaun’s new book at the Williamstown Literary Festival last year and it sounds like it will be just as funny and crazy as his previous two, so I can’t wait until it gets released!
    As for Mad As Hell and Mr and Mrs Murder, I hope there will be many more seasons to come!

  2. Mad as Hell did better this season then it did last season, with all but three episodes getting at least 600000 viewers (last season it was in the 500000 range), and it got pretty close to 700000 at the end of the season… I don’t see why it wouldn’t be coming back for a third season.

    All I ask is if it does come back is if we could please have a longer run… 20 episodes would be nice, more would be better :3

  3. Nice research – I think the call on a third season will be between ABC funding and Shaun’s interest.

  4. Absolutely loved Mr and Mrs, some simple plot twists but bizarre scenes, want more BBQ please, byo topee—first time I can remember enjoying anything on 10, and loved the way he end each episode of M.A.H. with got to switch to 10. Been a fan for years and he gets better and better, but I still laugh at the goose with the broken wing being chucked out the window, ‘stat’.

  5. I’ve been waiting for the second season of Mr and Mrs Murder and only now got ’round to checking online to see what’s what.

    It’s very disappointing to see that this series was not renewed, as both Kat and Shaun were quite charming and entertaining.

    This kind of show is rare here in the States. There is either too much drama, too much comedy, too much back story, or too much general silliness. The wit and repartee were thoroughly enjoyable.

    I will very much miss this show. I have it on DVR and hope it comes to Blu-Ray disk.

    My best to Kat and Shaun.

    Thank you for a wonderful, though all too short show.

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