Mad As Hell Season 3 Episode Synopses

Nobody knows what Shaun and the team will talk about before each Wednesday’s show, so the  synopsis for the TV Guide’s can’t really describe what will happen in any detail. Rather than a generic description, the writers opt for a more creative approach.

This season, the ABC launched a new website for the show, and once each episode has aired, they update the description to actually reflect the content – which makes catching these gems even harder! But we’ve saved you the effort, and put them all together, including the ongoing story of Stav and Voula:

Episode 1 (Feb 12)
New government, same show. Shaun Micallef returns for a third series and he’s still mad as hell.

Episode 2 (Feb 19)
Voula, please help me Babe! I’m trapped inside the TV. I’m like a ghost or something. Can see you see me? Stav.

Episode 3 (Feb 26)
Fill-in host Lee Lin Chin gets laughs with an over-sized torsion wrench. Also stars Emilio Tahoeny, Veruca Millstone and [TROUBLE CODE E01. THE DOOR OF YOUR MACHINE IS OPEN.]

Episode 4 (Mar 5)
Mad as Hell cast travel to Mexico to find out their job as fake bull fighters has been cancelled. Then the Minister for Communication switches the fake bull for a real one! Rated R.

Later changed to:
Shaun Micallef and cast return to lambast the bombast, satirise the lies and shake the fakers and newsmakers.

Episode 5 (Mar 12)
Would Chikita Dimplex or anyone knowing of her whereabouts please contact State Trustees Limited within the next 14 days. Also stars Tossed Greensalad and [ALERT: HEY, MKR’S ON]

Episode 6 (Mar 19)
Oh my God, Voula, there are others here with me in the White Void. I can’t see them, I only can hear them. They sound angry. Get me out of here, babe! Is there a button on the remote? Stav.

Episode 7 (Mar 28)
Larry is up to no good having an affair with Moe’s wife, and looking to have another one with Joe’s fiancee. Moe catches on and plans revenge, except Larry frames Joe for being the new man in Millie’s life.

Episode 8 (Apr 2)
Eastbourne Meats Xmas 2013 Promotion Winners: Mrs. L. Clarke, Camberwell VIC. Trumben2(email). D. Ng, Eastbourne QLD.

Episode 9 (Apr 9)
Voula, I reckon I’m dead or something. Do you think it’s from that pact we made because our love is too much for this world? Where are you? Shouldn’t you be here in the White Void too? Stav.

Episode 10 (Apr 16)
The Stooges try to mine uranium to help their father pay for his surgery. They end up striking oil, but Joe tries to stop it! Also Stephall Hen. Strong Language Warning. IT’S IN ENGLISH!

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