Welcher & Welcher coming to DVD!

That hilarious sitcom written by and starring Shaun is coming to DVD! Also starring Robyn Butler and Francis Greenslade, the show was set in a law firm and followed the misadventures of Quentin Welcher.

Madman is listing the release date as June 16th with commentary by Shaun to be confirmed, so here’s hoping!

You can still find the original website for the show here.

What were your favourite moments from Welcher and Welcher? Leave a comment!

6 thoughts to “Welcher & Welcher coming to DVD!”

  1. If Newstopia gets released, surely it would be more of a Best Of, like Micallef Tonight was. I don’t like that so much, as part of the enjoyment (for me) of Shaun’s stuff is the stream of consciousness that winds through each full episode.

  2. Each to their own, I guess. I loved Newstopia, almost as much as P(r)ogram(me). I think it was the lack of studio laughter that finally cemented my opinion that Micallef was funny enough without.

  3. Also, just an update on the commentary – it’s official that there will be none 🙁 Shaun is apparently ‘too busy’ – which I suppose is good for our man?

    Although there is an outtakes/blooper bonus feature confirmed. I’m looking forward to that.

  4. I have been looking searching around for this kind of information. Will you publish some a lot more in future? I’ll be grateful if you’ll.

  5. My fave Welcher moment was in White Man’s Burden, where they investigate the painters. Shaun’s double-take at what they are doing through the window is hilarious!

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