Hopeful as Hell for 2016

Mad As Hell S5E8 Cat HissThere is only two episodes left of this season of Mad As Hell, and sadly, also this year, as the ABC Light Entertainment budget can only stretch so far.

This is slightly strange, when you consider this week, the show was the top rated non-news show on Wednesday across all channels (6th with 782,000 viewers).

The good news is – the whole team and especially Shaun are optimistic about the show returning in 2016, believing it’s in a good rhythm with plenty more steam. So it may soon be on break, but it won’t be gone.

10 thoughts to “Hopeful as Hell for 2016”

  1. Have you put in a tender for the ‘stop the boats’ miniseries? that would be mad as hell! See you next year if not sooner, on a Phillipine fishing vessel maybe?

  2. Surely they can’t axe you guys as well? They already got rid of The Roast… I mean without political satire all I’ll have to laugh at politicians is the normal news 🙁

  3. Hi Shaun and team

    Please please come back for another season- and before 2016! How can we live without the Kraken, Vice Rear Cabin Boy Bobo Gargle, Dolly and the Media Cyborg? You are the only tv show that is offering unbiased political commentary! Without fear or favour you brighten our Wednesdays and bring genuine hilarity to our lives. I will increase my personal contribution to $20 to keep you keeping on! Thankyou so much for the joy of real intellectual comedy.

  4. How cowardly, biased, and short-sighted of ABC to axe this wonderful show — for a broadcaster concerned with ratings, haven’t they noticed its popularity. This is comedy, news, entertainment, analysis etc at its best!!!

  5. Thanks for the great comedy, not sure what else I’d watch on iView now… Looking forward to the return in 2016!!!

  6. I will so miss this sharp and funny political satire and 2016 is far too long to wait – I’d love another 10 weeks later this year! Thanks to the brilliant team behind and in the show – so many hilarious, laugh out loud moments. Please return – Australia needs such courageous comedy! Have let the ABC know my views so hope many others do too and that you get the support you deserve.

  7. Mad as Hell is even better than The Daily Show.
    It’s great to get some extra news and commentary while experiencing wrenching stomach cramps from laughing.
    Bring Shaun Micallef back!

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