Returning in 2017 – Mad As Hell and The Ex-PM

Mad As Hell S6Ep1: Fingers crossedIn exciting news, Shaun has let it slip to us that both Mad As Hell and The Ex-PM will both return to the ABC in 2017!

Shaun will film Series 2 of The Ex-PM early next year, which will probably mean the seventh (yep, you read that correctly) series of Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell will slot in mid-year, and will make it Shaun’s longest running television show (TAYG was 72 episodes).

Francis told us recently that Curtis is a character he really enjoys playing (more of that interview soon), so I’m sure he’ll be looking forward to Dugdale’s return.

6 thoughts to “Returning in 2017 – Mad As Hell and The Ex-PM”

  1. Dear Shaun you left me just when I needed you most! But good to hear that the muppets haven’t forced you off air because of your brave, funny as pheck deliveries on (our?) ABC. I hope you have a good break and get to write more of the highest quality satire we have become accustomed to from you and your amazing team. Thanks!

  2. Hi Shaun my sister and I are big fans. Can you let me know when Mad as Hell will return. We really
    would love to get tickets.

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