Mad as Hell returns on Wednesday June 21 at 8.30pm

Mad As Hell S6Ep5: Smooth OperatorWhat more is there to say?

Okay, maybe the press release:

Mad as Hell returns to face a world that’s madder and badder than ever before; a world poised on the brink of a nuclear winter; where Europe is falling apart; where a President and a Supreme Leader are largely interchangeable, a Liberal Treasurer can deliver a Labor budget as if its normal and our raw sewage is spied on by the government for metadata; a world where we’re all running out of power, housing, money, time, climate, journalism, non-renewables, patience – and nothing makes sense anymore. Nothing that is, except Shaun Micallef’s weekly expert analysis of the Kafka-esque nightmare that our world has become.

Fewer ads than The Project; earlier than Heads Up with Chris Kenny; and a good twenty three and half hours shorter than the former ABC News 24, Mad as Hell returns on Wednesday June 21 at 8.30pm.

Oh, and in other news…
This website is seven years old today! Woohoo!

One thought to “Mad as Hell returns on Wednesday June 21 at 8.30pm”

  1. Hi Shaun,

    I’ve just watched your TV show today (6/7/17).

    It was very enjoyable except for the pay out on Father Brown. I’m a 32 year old young professional woman and considers myself very stylish and savvy BUT I do love old biddy BBC and itv dramas while eating scones with tea and so I absolutely adore Father Brown. It would be great if you could take back the offence to this lovely show. But I do agree, the names are very funny!

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