Feeling bookish

Did everyone finish reading through Shaun’s uncollected plays over summer? For those die hard fans, maybe you noticed:

– “The Great War and How it Got That Way” was originally featured as a cold open sketch in Mad As Hell

– “Visiting Rites” appeared as “(A Visit)” on Shaun’s His Generation album

– While most of the introductions were tongue-in-cheek, there was a very raw quality to the introduction of “Marx Will Be Deducted” which touched on his casting in the play Boeing Boeing

In other book talk, Shaun hinted recently that he’s working on another book, roughly based around the story of the Pied Piper. Tentatively titled “Rescuing Hamlin’s Children”, it’s aimed at the same readers who enjoyed Tales from a Tall Forest.

One thought to “Feeling bookish”

  1. Not read the book , yet, but why no mad as hell but that lightweight Pickering, before the federal election?
    Auntie worried about backlash by both major parties….what planet are we on? Has AI taken over? Millenials are worried they’ll be made redundant by technology. I’d like to see an episode dedicated to yo yos and hoolahoops.

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