Time for Round 12 of Mad As Hell

It’s almost difficult to believe that we’re about to enjoy a 12th season of Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell, almost 8 years after it first started.

There’s is no doubt it is the best Australian political satire, which is pretty good for a show that Shaun considers a sketch comedy show framed around the local politics of the day.

This season, like the second half of the previous one, will continue to have no studio audience due to the Coronavirus restrictions in Melbourne, where Mad As Hell is filmed.

The lack of audience makes it reminiscent of one of Shaun’s previous shows, Newstopia, an SBS news based show that had international news, rather than Australian, as a source. The Newstopia link hasn’t been lost on Shaun, with the Newstopia music and style making a few appearances, significantly in Episode 7 of last season, which was the first audience-less.

Mad As Hell is back for 12 weeks starting August 5th at 8:30pm on ABC.

4 thoughts to “Time for Round 12 of Mad As Hell”

  1. I am a real fan of Mad as Hell – love satire. But can’t stand the foul language – not necessary – juvenile.

  2. Congratulations MAH team for continuing to have the guts have a go at our neo-liberal politicians. It is also refreshing to that even our our sacrosanct organisations are not free from criticism (i.e. SAS). Please continue this great work exposing the hypocrisy of supposedly the best country in the world. There are no other TV media willing to critique how lazy the Liberal and National Party politicians are in respect to detailed policy thought and follow through of their portfolios and basically how corrupt they appear to be – donors to their Parties receive handouts and too, too many favourable policy initiatives, Royal Commissions and ADJR Boards are a waste of money and time due to favourable appointees as judges and no follow through of recommendations. I’ll stop now as you have heard it all before…. but thank you, thank you. Please do not ease up and apply more pressure if they apply pressure to you.


    In windbreaking news, Smoco Mirrorson has announced an economic recovery plan with the federal government investing woolly mammoth amounts into coal/fart and snake oil technologies. These will be by liberal grants to LNP mates and donors overseen by Energy Minister Angus Bull Shit Taylor who has a medium rare steak in the success of the programme.

  4. Just watched the abc new channel and during the market report they gave us the “iron awe” price

    It left me in awe

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