Literary adventures with Shaun

Shaun is certainly keeping busy in the writing circles. For one, Shaun’s book, Smithereens, is being re-released on Monday!

His contribution to the Australian literature anthology, “The Basics of Life” has been confirmed. The editor of AusLit, Steve Rossiter, has supplied some advanced information on Shaun’s story, titled “The Moment”: it is serious, not comedy, but apparently, it is very good. The anthology book will be published in the second half of February – available for $5 from Amazon for use with the Kindle or Kindle compatible devices (PC/Android/iPad etc)

And as part of the “Writers at the Convent” festival in Abbotsford, Melbourne, Shaun is being interviewed by William McInnes, the actor who he “competed” against on Seachange for the love of Sigrid Thornton’s character. It is being held on Sunday 13th February at 2pm – more information at

Shaun to be part of charity Anthology

The Australian Literature Review is compiling a anthology of short-stories, each between 1500-4000 words, on the subjects of Africa and/or human behaviour common throughout the world. A number of writers are on board, including Shaun himself!

The book will be released as an eBook on the Kindle platform in the first few months of 2011. All of the proceeds are being donated to charity: half to improve literacy in developing countries and half to help Australians in their writing endeavours.

No word on what Shaun’s story will be about, but we wait with great interest. Read more about the project or AusLit’s interview with Shaun about Preincarnate.

Another Book Event

For anyone in Melbourne who missed the Preincarnate book event at the Wheeler Centre, you can now stop literally beating yourself up – there is another chance to see Shaun talk about his amazingly funny and intelligent book at the Sun Bookshop in Yarraville on December 9th, 6pm. It’s free, so make a booking to avoid missing out: call (03) 9689 0661.

[Edit 30/11 – The Wheeler Centre filmed the event held last week, so you can watch the video online]

A Preincarnate(d) Event

Alright, so the title is a bit of a stretch, but I just wanted to quickly post about Shaun’s book reading at The Wheeler Centre in Melbourne this evening.

Shaun was his usual seemingly effortlessly humorous self, describing the story, his inspiration – plus reading an excerpt. A couple of weird points – only a handful indicated they had actually read it (including me) and even less said they had seen his ABC TV series. Who are these people?!

He finished up with some Q&A then a meet-and-greet-and-autograph session. Anyway, here is the photographic evidence. 🙂

More good news – as Piper commented earlier, it was confirmed that Smithereens is going to be back in print! To be released at the end of January next year. Huzzah! (For some reason, I never purchased a copy and very much regret it.) Looks like a slightly different cover (with the less-flattering hair cut), and it states – “Now with added Smithereens!”.

Now to catch up on some TV and watch the last Offspring episode – didn’t that have a special guest…?

Bedtime Stories with Pate Biscuit

Every now and then, you come across something you didn’t expect. In my search to find a copy of ‘Smithereens’, which I thought was Shaun’s only other book, I found this:

Bedtime Stories with Pate Biscuit – Written by Glynn Nicholas and Shaun Micallef

The back cover reads:

Hello Children,  and welcome to Bedtime Stories. I hope you are well and haven’t been squashed by a semi-trailer. That wouldn’t be very much fun, would it? No, it certainly wouldn’t.
It would take hours to clean the tyres.

This is a very special book which I expect you to handle with great care. Inside these pages  there lives a world of intrigue and wonder – fairy tales, adventure stories, flights of the imagination, and most importantly, lots of bad taste, blood and guts.

All the stories have been specially selected by a panel of experts, consisting of ex-members of the Young Talent Team, various rockand roll performers, and celebrities from the commercial television networks. The experts were chosen for their sickening, vile, displeasing and repellent natures, although the lady from the “flying doctors” is very nice.

Happy Reading Children, be gracious and respect policemen.

Love Pate and Bongo

So there you go. It was published in 1990/1, so very much an early contribution from Mr Micallef.

Countdown to Preincarnate

It’s not long until Preincarnate, Shaun’s first novel, hits the shelves. The Age have an article about it, but as Tony Martin pointed out on his Twitter – they don’t once state the title correctly. Good news is he is no shrinking violet – we can expect to see Shaun everywhere over the next little-while, including the season final of Offspring. If you are expecting another New Years show, afraid you’ll be disappointed this year.

Preincarnate out next month

Yep, you heard it. Shaun’s first (and possibly only) novel ‘Preincarnate’ is due for release one month from today – November 1st.

The publisher, Hardie Grant Books, have a full Micallef-esq description on their website.

At only $30, there is no excuse to not buy a copy for yourself and one for a friend’s Christmas present.

Personally, I can’t wait!

[Update – Shaun will be at a Sydney event for his book, 27th October! – Thanks Andrew for the alert!]

Preincarnate event in Melbourne

The Wheeler Centre in Melbourne is hosting an event with Shaun Micallef, on the subject of his new book ‘Preincarnate’, “a novel of such breathtaking brilliance that if Patrick White were alive today he’d hurl his own typewriter into the sea and start a lawn-mowing business.”

It is being held on Monday 22 November 2010 and is free! (Booking is recommended) Not sure what to expect, but I’m sure it will involve some Q&A and a reading.