The Comedy Festival

This year the Melbourne International Comedy Festival celebrates its 25th anniversary. Unfortunately, Shaun doesn’t have a show this year (though we yearn for a Good Evening encore), so here instead is a clip from Shaun performing magic at the 2009 Gala (which he hosted):

Shawn set to retire (sp?)

In a move which has shocked mechanics in the Melbourne area, Shaun has announced that after this season of Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation, he plans to re-tyre his car due to their poor inflation performance.

Sorry if the bad spelling in the title confused…. (happy april fools!)

What do you want to see?

Time for a quick self indulgent post. So this site has been online for 10 months, and hopefully been you keeping up-to-date with all the Shaun news. And slowly I’ve been adding information on all of Shaun’s previous work – I’ve just finished The Micallef P(r)ogram(me) page, which just leaves Welcher & Welcher in Shaun’s main canon of work.

What other stuff would you like to see on this site? Episode guides, galleries, links to videos? Or just the latest news as it comes to hand? Throw your comments into the ring!

Come one; come 500

I just want to take a few moments to thank everyone who has been visiting and making this site such a success.

Since launching only 3 months ago, we’re now getting 500 visitors a month. Looks like there are a number of Shaun fans out there!

Keep your comments coming, email me your suggestions and please recommend this site through-out the Internet – this will help us get towards the top of Google, and therefore spread more of the love for Shaun!

Shaun-friend-a-palooza on The Librarians

Filming is underway on the third season of The Librarians, which has been a stand-out sitcom for the Australian ABC.

The show is full of Micallef-alumni/friends: the show is written by and stars Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope, and also stars Roz Hammond. And Tony Martin is set to direct a few episodes this season. If only Shaun had a small role, it would definitely be describable as a ‘palooza’!

Stay tuned for it later this year.

Shaun’s Logie speech

Obviously, Shaun won a silver Logie this year for most popular presenter – and he very much deserved it! Sure, it wasn’t the Gold, but when the winner is a soapie star, what chance does real talent have?

I believe this is his first individual Logie; previous wins were for the legendary Micallef Prog(r)am(me).

If you haven’t seen his speech, you should be ashamed. Then you should watch it on YouTube (or is it Sir Laurence Olivier’s speech?!) 🙂

Welcome to the website

I’ve set-up this site as a new place for fans of one of the greatest comedians/entertainers to find out the latest news.

Since mid-2009, there has been no activity at the original unofficial-home (, and with no way to contact the webmaster. Hence – this site!

For now, this site is pretty simple, but hopefully I can add to it over the coming days/weeks/months. You can too – email me.