Recap: Your Gen, September 11th 2011

The Doctor ditched the TARDIS for the U.S.S. Enya on tonight’s Sci-Fi Final Fantasy episode!

Shaun was of course dressed as Jon Pertwee’s Third Doctor. The teams were Amanda and comedian Peter Burner (BB), as Lt. Saavik and Mr Spock from Star Trek; Charlie and musician Darren Hayes (Gen X), as Han Solo and Luke Skywalker (Star Wars); Josh and presenter Maude Garrett (Gen Y), as Jake Scully and Neytiri from Avatar.

The first games played were Human Fly, Chicken or Egg? and As Quick As, in which the timer was a bin full of ping pong balls combined with liquid nitrogen to create an explosive full stop!

The four buttons were all alternative planets: Earth 2, Altair IV (from Forbidden Planet), Solairis and Thundera (from ThunderCats).

  • Gen X picked Earth 2, which was Name That Tune.
  • The BB decided on Altair IV, playing Guess The Guest – who was Kate Richie.
  • Gen Y emphatically chose Solaris, riding on HG Wells’ Time Machine.

The Your Gen topic was Metal! The end game envelope was delivered by Herbie the Lovebug, testing the theory of Which Generation is Best at Repairing a Space Station. The teams were all hung from wires as they attempted to repair their space junk. Gen X were fastest, winning Miss Karen’s Baby Concert award from 1993, donated by Alicia Kissas.

Recap: Your Gen, September 7th 2011

Welcome back… if that is your name…

A few Micallef alumni appeared as guests tonight, as Francis Greenslade joined the BB, Robyn Butler filled in for Matt Moran on Gen X and Katie ‘Monty’ Dimond on Gen Y.

The first games were Who Goes There? and Cinematic Smart Alec. For the game of As Quick As, cooking popcorn was the timer, and Shaun asked a barrage of ridiculous questions before being attacked by the cooked popcorn.

The four button options were all people who can’t ride a bike (apparently!?): Salma Hayek, Bernie Ahern, John Farnham, Chris Tavare.

  • Gen X chose Salma, playing Guess The Guest – it was David Stratton, and the team successfully guessed him.
  • Gen Y decided on Ahern and the game was It Could Be Worth, which was won for the first time ever.
  • The BB picked Tavare, which was 7 Degrees of Separation – every time Babra Streisand was mentioned, the Duck Sauce song was played.

The Your Gen topic was Insects, with Shaun turning to his copy of ‘Cooking with Pooh’ to fill in time during the Gen X section.

Shaun donned his military uniform before Quentin Bryce’s husband Michael delivered the endgame envelope – the game was “Which Generation is Best at A Military Inspection.” Due the fact that Francis had been Shaun’s friend for 30 years, the Baby Boomers won the 2011 Under 13s Boundary Award donated by Davis Cooper of Brighton East Victoria.

On Sunday: the Outta This World special, also known as the Sci Fi episode – can’t wait!

Recap: Your Gen, September 4th 2011

Well, it’s finally here – after the sneak preview a few weeks ago – it’s the Freaky Friday role swap episode. (Did you hear me laugh in the background ;P)

Shaun’s role was played by Amanda. For the Baby Boomers, Charlie played Amanda and was joined by actor Cornelia Francis; Gen X was Josh as Charlie and comedian Jimeoin; and Gen Y was blogger Natalie Tran and Shaun as Josh!

After Shaun mangled Josh’s accent, the first games played were Name That Tee and What’s a Doodle Do?

The four buttons were all people who had passed themselves off as someone else: Milli Vanilli, Helen Demidenko, Tony Mokbel and Frank Abagnale Jnr.

  • BB chose Vanilli – which was Draw That Book.
  • Gen X decided on Demidenko, playing ¡Chronoloco! – vehicles had to be put in timeline order. Originally ‘Charlie’ caused a lot more damage with the car, but this was cut.
  • Gen Y preferred Abagnale, which meant that Shaun was subjected to Trust Me: The Human Parfait. The entire cast (save Natalie) enjoyed as Shaun as Josh got covered in all three buckets. The watch Shaun asked to be removed was actually the one he got as a gift after the first season of TAYG!

The Your Gen topic was ‘The World of Pauls’. The end game was which team was best at laundering a bedsheet. Even though the BB had the steamiest sheet, Gen X had the cleanest, so won the The Redlands Strawberry Festival Fundraiser trophy, donated by Tenille Jackson of Beachmere QLD.

Don’t forget the next episode is Wednesday!

Recap: Your Gen, August 31st 2011

It was a “famous couples” special this week – and Shaun was dressed as one-half of one of the most famous, John Lennon and Yoko Ono. It was a truly surreal episode!

(Here’s another photo)

The teams were Amanda and actor Tiriel Mora (BB), as Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz; Charlie and actor Genevieve Morris (Gen Y), as Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue; Josh and musician Patience Hodgson (Gen X), as Prince William and Kate Middelton.

Yoko [played by Michiko Smith] stayed and ‘helped’ ‘John’ all night, as the games began with Panda-monium and Spoilers Ahoy – this time using Brian McFadden’s picture to indicate when to avoid hearing the answer.

The secret word was Formica!

Milo Kerrigan came out of retirement to act out a scene which the BB had to guess.

The magic window round buttons were all fake iPhone apps: “Kiss Me, Zombie”, “iClaudius”, “YoghurtFinder” and “Mars Time”.

  • Gen X clicked Kitty’s Ditties – Hello Kitty (also voiced by Shaun) sang lyrics from songs which the team had to guess. Power!
  • Gen Y downloaded Kiss Me, Zombie, playing Draw that Movie.
  • BB initialised YoghurtFinder, which was ¡Chronoloco! (or was that Chrono-Yoko?) The topic was Jeans.

The Your Gen round was Everything German, and Josh demonstrated his ability to ‘speak’ the language.

The end game was “Which Generation is Best At… Tailoring a 3-Piece Suit”. Much strange sowing ensued, and Gen Y won the 1999 Panthracian Association of Melbourne Dance Group trophy, donated by  Nicole Antzoulatos from Altona, Vic.

More photos here.

Double the TAYG

Well, looks like Channel Ten is stuffing around with the Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation schedule again.

Due to the failing ratings of The Renovators, Your Gen is now on twice (at least this) week:

On Wednesday at 8:30pm, the guests are Tiriel Mora, Genevieve Morris and Patience Hodgson.

On Sunday at 7:30pm, it’s the roll-swap, ‘freaky friday’ episode –  trust me, do not miss it! Those who did not know what they were in for are Cornelia Frances, Jimeoin and Natalie Tran.

The Book of Everything Ever

I forgot to mention that the Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation Book of Everything Ever is now available at all good book shops (or those still in business!). Got my copy the other day.

While Shaun’s photo (from Micallef Program days) is all over the cover, his only contribution is the forward. But it’s written by Michael Ward, who has worked as a writer on almost all of Shaun’s shows, so you’ll certainly recognise the humour – very enjoyable.

According to an old wifes’ tale, a girl who places a watermelon under her pillow will meet her future husband at the chiropractor.

On 18 April 1956, Prince Rainier of Monaco married actress Grace Kelly – but what sort of actress was she? a) A film actress, b) A stage actress, c) A television actress or d) an appalling actress

Australia is the largest producer  of Australian films in the world.

Recap: Your Gen, August 24th 2011

Strangely, Shaun put on his casual outfit this week, and took the teams on a strange, nonsensical ride. The guests were Simon Burke (BB), Wayne Hope (Gen X), Paris Wells (Gen Y).

The first game was Original or Sequel, but Gen X ended ahead by 1 point and Shaun didn’t want to appear to give favouritism to Wayne, so he levelled all the points back to zero. Nobody’s Business was where the teams matched the fictional business names with their Television shows. Shaun wanted to play a new game – Colonial Rule and the Legacy of European Nation States, but a phone call informed him that they had to play ‘As Quick As’ instead.

The four least remarkable members of the animal kingdom: the Jacaranda Hopping Mouse, the Aye-Aye, the Sea Cucumber and Grant Denyer.

  • The Baby Boomers decided on the mouse, playing Watch Your Mouth, with Amanda successfully gussing all of Simon’s impressions.
  • Wayne of Gen X picked Aye-Aye, a new game called HG Wells’ Time Machine.  The machine has been broken since next Thursday, so they had to hand pedal to different times and identify the year from the audio quote.
  • Gen Y chose Sea Cucumber – the hidden Trust Me. The game was Human Celery Stick, and despite Josh’s best effort, he fell into the yoghurt dip one question early. He proceeded to hug Shaun and ‘share’ the yoghurt.

After a change of clothes, the Your Gen round topic was ‘The Wonderful World of Books’. Batman and Robin delivered the end-game envelope, but it was actually Stephen Hall and Michael Ward both dressed as Robin. The game was Which Generation is Best At… Working Part Time in an Ice Cream Parlour. To add injury to insult, the teams had to wear roller skates. Shaun and his girls placed their orders and the teams had to fill them. It was the Baby Boomers who won the 1986 Mid-Week Runner-Up Ten Pin Bowling Trophy, donated by Dianne Ryan of Albury NSW.

Recap: Your Gen, August 17th 2011

It was the Law & Order special, with Shaun dressed up as Benton Fraser from Due South, a Canadian Mountie. Stuart the Meerkat was dressed as his sidekick, a deaf half-wolf named Diefenbaker. Amanda was dressed as the Freak from Prisoner, Charlie as Ponch from Chips, and Josh as Mr Plod from Noddy.

The guests were Jay Laga’aia (BB), dressed as Shaft, Jane Allsop (Gen X), dressed as Farah Fawcett’s character from Charlie’s Angels, and Gyton Grantley as Mahoney from Police Academy. The set was transformed into a court room.

First game played was Missing Persons, followed by Frankenface. The teams were to play As Quick As, but Hello Kitty interrupted to describe the rules, before segueing into talk of power turtles and the riding a push-bike song, thereby running out of time for the actual game.

The four buttons were all scientists who have contributed to advancement of mankind: Dr Albert Schweitzer, Dr Jonas Salk, Dr Christiaan Barnard and … Dr Geoffrey Edelsten.

  • Gen Y chose Schweitzer, playing ‘Who am I doing?’ – Shaun ‘assisted’ as Josh, then Gyton, as they acted lines from a number of movie scenes. Josh then stripped off his jacket.
  • Gen X picked Barnard, which was ‘Name That Tune’. Shaun played one of the songs, and Stuart sung another.
  • BB decided on Salk, where the game was Lost Luggage.

Matching the theme, the Your Gen topic was ‘Crime ‘n Punishment’. The super flying turtle referred to by Kitty came to deliver the end game envelope: ‘Which Generation is Best at .. Cleaning an Aquarium.’ Gen X won, after Gen Y was clearly ignored. The trophy was the 1978 (Coke-Cola) YoYo Champion Award, donated by Don Lee of Jeeralang Junction Vic.

Recap: Your Gen, August 10th 2011

TAYG is back! This week’s guests were Todd McKenney (BB), Dave Hughes (Gen X), Kate Miller-Heidke (Gen Y).

First up was Chicken or Egg, guessing which of two similar things came first. Stuart the Meerkat rudely interrupted before a new game “Establishing Shot”, where the teams had to determine the TV show from the opening shot. The timer for “As Quick As” was a sheep being shorn.

The four buttons were all those who lost the 2011 Gold Logie to Karl Stefanovic: Chrissie (Swan), Adam (Hills), Hamish (Blake) and Sean himself – purposely mispelt.

  • Gen X chose Adam, a new game called Media Barren. Headlines had to be created based on historic photos using magnetic words, as well as identifying the year.
  • Gen Y picked Hamish – “Guess the Guest”. Patti Newton inhaled the voice-lowering balloon gases, but Kate was still able to identify her.
  • BB decided on Chrissie, which was “It Could Be Worth” – deciding on what goods would have been worth at the time of their release, and keeping the purchases under-budget.

Stuart burst through the desk to announce the Your Gen topic: “Kings ‘n’ Queens”. The End Game asked the question Which Generation Is Best At… Raising a Barn. The teams were all dressed as Amish people and had to assemble a barn outside. Gen X just beat Gen Y, winning the Maribyrnong High School Quantity Surveying Award from 1974, donated by Cathryn Van Tatenhove.

Spoilers from TAYG Sci-Fi episode

Well, my hopes came true – Shaun did indeed dress as The Doctor (as in “Doctor Who”) in the upcoming Sci-Fi episode – specifically, the third doctor! Fan Jenn has kindly sent us in a photo.

We also know that Peter Burne will be one of the guests for the episode.

Add your comment if you know any other juicy details for the (half)-season ahead!