A sneak peek of Laid

As yet, no firm date has been set for Laid, Marieke Hardy’s new black comedy show which Shaun has a guest role – other than “next year”. But a sneak peek has been posted – and lucky us – it contains Shaun, playing a subtly strange gynaecologist.

(Reminds me of the Monty Python sketch – “I am a doctor. Actually, I’m a gynaecologist but this is my lunch hour”)

You can also “like” the show on Facebook.

Rewind: Newstopia begins on SBS

It was October 2007, and the industry was abuzz of a new show on SBS. Some were already comparing it to The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. But this was something unique – Australian, absurb and very Micallef.

Yes, it is 3 years since the first season of Newstopia began. “Shaun Micallef rewrites the headlines” was how The Age Green Guide described it. It was meant to debut during 2008, but was bought forward to coincide with the 2007 Federal Election. It would have no live-studio audience and could almost be mistaken for a real news show. And it would be a great platform to judge the news of the world because “we (Australia) have no control over it.”

Described as the “luckiest unsuccessful” comedian in Australia by The Age Green Guide, Micallef was quoted as saying “I’m a white-faced comedian rather than a red-nosed comedian. I don’t have baggy pants and a ‘love me’ attitude. If you want to find the joke, it’s here somewhere. You just have to look for it.” This goes some of the way why some people might ask: what’s so funny about this guy. To which an equal number respond: everything.

Memories of Micallef Tonight still loomed, even 4 years later. And Shaun himself acknowledged some of reasons why it didn’t work: his lack of experience, the overly-fast-past alienated some viewers – but he was still immensely proud of it.

During an interview, Shaun admitted “I do get depressed sometimes. But it’s not a huge thing. It’s really a very small dog. It’s a chihuahua.”

Shaun himself wasn’t sure Newstopia would be his ‘breakthrough’ success (leaving “target demographics” to the bean counters); he would just try to be funny.

For more information, see the Newstopia page

A sketch from MousePATROL

The thought of Shaun Micallef and Tony Martin working on a TV project together sounds like it would be the most amazing thing EVER! Well, it almost happened in 2004.

A show with the working title MousePATROL was the vehicle, but unfortunately the ABC shelved it, and not much of the material was ever released. But this week, Tony’s post on Scrivener’s Fancy revisits one of the rejected scripts on the topic of ‘Footytainment‘.

Enjoy, and we’ll keep wishing these two comic geniuses will get the chance to work together again.