Guests for Your Gen, 5th & 7th September

As already posted, next week we have two episodes of Talkin’ ’bout Your Generation lined up, due to the move from Sunday nights to Tuesday.

This Sunday is a ‘back-to-school’ special with broadcasters Steve Vizard representing the Baby Boomers, Kate Langbroek (Gen X) and Andy Lee (Gen Y) as guests.

On Tuesday, the guests will be actor Lincoln Lewis (Gen Y), comedian Bob Franklin (Gen X) and for the baby boomers, Denise Scott – Shaun’s old radio partner!

Recap: Your Gen, August 29th 2010

This week, Shaun began by dancing in 70s disco gear (and wearing it for the whole show), claimed Audrey Hepburn was the worst actress of all time and demonstrated his ventriloquism ‘skills’.

The guests were Jeff Green for the Baby Boomers, Megan Gale on Gen X and Gen Y had Jason Smith.

The segments were:

  • Franken-Face, involving teams identifying three faces which had been mashed together
  • What’s a Doodle Do, sung by ‘Corgie’, where all the ‘doodles’ were album covers
  • Slogans Run, where the teams had to guess from movie slogans

In the four button window portion:

  • Gen X chose Lifestyle, playing Third Drawer Down
  • Gen Y picked Music, which was Name That Tune – all TV themes
  • At Shaun’s badgering, BB chose Trust Me: The Egg Flop. Jeff sat upon a device that would, after 3 incorrect answers, flip him into a vat of scrambled eggs. Amanda was unable to save Jeff from his fate.

The Your Gen round was on one of my favourite subjects: James Bond! The End Game was ‘Which Generation is Best at – Pottery!’ Gen Y won, receiving the Feline Association of Australia Silver Medallion, donated by Luka of Forrestville SA.

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Your Gen heads back to Tuesdays

After moving to Sunday nights at the start of this year, it looks like TAYG is heading back to Tuesday nights, probably because of Junior Masterchef. (which won’t be on my watching schedule)

So, we can enjoy our dose of Mr Micallef mid-week again starting September 7th – plus when the change over occurs, we’ll get two episodes in three days!

Thanks to Andrew for the alert!

Recap: Your Gen, August 22nd 2010

Tonight began with Josh taking on the opening speech duties, then 27 seconds later, Shaun introducing the teams in different order.

He pronounced his respect for the Gen X guest, Frank Woodley, describing him as Australia’s finest physical comedian, and suggested a mix up between the BB guest Alex Perry, and the well known chef Neil Perry. Rounding out the guests was Gin Wigmore for Gen Y.

Opening games included:
The Fly, where heads of actors were replaced by a fly head.
Ad Hoc, involving determining an ad from one frame.
As Quick As, ‘fast money’ against a boiling kettle.

For the four button round:
Gen X chose Celebrity, which was ‘Watch Your Mouth’
The Baby Boomers chose Lifestyle, playing ‘Noises Off’
Gen Y picked Film & TV which was ‘Anagrams of Calista Flockhart’. No, actually it was ‘Draw that Movie’.

Trains, Planes and Automobiles was the topic for the ‘Your Generation’ questions. The Kracken brought in the End Game envelope, and the game was ‘Which Generation is Best At Moving House’ – worth 10 points!

Gen X won, mostly by throwing the items, the 1976 St Andrews Netball Club trophy donated by Wendy Smith.

Since this season began, it seems the show seems to be slowly getting more Micallef Program-esk. Even the end joke was an old Program joke!

What did you think? Feel free to post your opinions.

Recap: Your Gen, August 15th 2010

“It’s time to chop down the family tree, and use the wood to build a bridge between the generations, in a construction project that only MC Escher could site manage.”

The show was family themed, from the introduction question on who hosted Family Feud, to the guests – Amanda’s son Liam, Charlie’s mum Pamela and Josh’s brother Drew.

The games were: Fad-Tastic (guess the fad), What’s a Doodle Do?, which was yodeled by Colleen, followed by Charlton Heston introducing What You Talkin’ Bout Willis?, where generational phrases had to be decided.

In the 4 buttons round:
Generation Y went for Film & TV, playing Who Said That?
X picked Music, which was Name That Tune (all TV shows)
BB chose Lifestyle and played What Am I Eating? Balthasar presented types of spreads, which Amanda fed to Liam, swapping half way through the 6 dishes.

For “Your Generation”, the topic was appropriately Families, which soon changed into personal questions for each team’s families. The End Game challenge was worth 7 points and determined which generation was best at making lemonade.

The trophy, donated by Derek Brown for his contribution as water boy for U14 football, was won by the Baby Boomers.

As a side point, my wife would like to point out Shaun loves to say “common or garden” (noun), without saying “variety”. ie. “garden variety”.

Enjoy the show? Then post some comments “you maniacs!”

Recap: Your Gen, August 8th 2010 (plus guests for next week)

On tonight’s TBYG, the guests were Bill Bailey (BB), actor Rodger Corser (Gen X) and singer Ella Hooper (Gen Y).

Games played were:
Befuddled – “brand spanking new” (no branding, or spanking) – where the aim is to determine the movie from the poster which has been scrambled into pieces.
Who Goes There – determine the other half of a musical duo.
Poli-Waffle –  work out the two quotations that have been fused together.

In the round where each generation chose their topic: (ie. four buttons)
Gen X chose Lifestyle and played 3rd Draw Down, where they have to identify the strange items in a dresser draw.
BB chose Sport and played “¡Chronoloco!” where they had to put various sporting goods in decade order.
Gen Y chose “Trust Me”, which Shaun was very pleased about. The game was Human Lamington, where Ella had to answer 3 questions, and for every wrong answer, Josh was covered in lamington ingredients. Only one answer was wrong, so Josh was only covered in flour. But for every right answer, Shaun jammed a lamington in Josh’s mouth while he was chained to the device – very funny!

The Your Generation topic was The Colour Purple and the End Game (worth 25 points) was “Which Generation is best at Working on an Assembly Line.” Most of it involved frantic running about as the ever continuing line of cans was difficult to keep up with, but in the end, the Baby Boomers won with the best ‘pyramid’. Their trophy was from Gavin Harvey; his prize for being the 2010 Go Kart winner.

Remember, winning isn’t everything, but it does come a close second.

Next Week: It’s a family themed episode, so Amanda will be joined by her son, Charlie by his mother and Josh with his brother.

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Recap: Your Gen, August 1st 2010

Well, we had the first episode of the new season of TBYG tonight and I enjoyed it. The guests (William McInnes, Jimeoin and Ricki-Lee) were a good choice for mine, and Jimeoin’s nonchalant attitude was worth a few laughs.

There were a few new games, but generally it was the same enjoyable format.

Games included: Accessory before the Fact (which item belonged to which TV/Movie character), TV Spin Offs and As Quick As (A fast round timed by a kettle; will we see other devices in future?!)

For the board choices, Gen Y picked Noises Off, BB  had Watch Your Mouth and Gen X played Mash Up, which Shaun preferred to call Bands on the Pun.

The topic for all generations was Love (L’amour) and the end-game, worth 17 points, was a rat maze.

Gen X won the Benalla District Dance Association Runner Up trophy donated by Peter Gibson.

That’s my thoughts, what did you think? 🙂