Interview with Francis

Francis Greenslade with David M Green

David M Green, long-time Shaun fan and now a writer in the Mad As Hell team, got to talk to Francis Greenslade last year. You can listen to the whole thing on David’s website or iTunes, but here’s some things we learnt (in relation to Shaun):

Francis first saw Shaun on stage, doing a sketch called “The Incredible Low-Fat Ice Coffee Carton”. Both being members of the Adelaide University Footlights, they would often arrive nearly an hour and a half before rehearsal, just waiting for the doors to open.

It was Shaun and Gary who got Francis onto TV, specifically Full Frontal, and did so by getting him in as an extra for a sketch they had written.

He comments that The Micallef Program was “a joy” to work on, and says there hasn’t been a more seemless and hysterical sketch comedy show in Australia. Meat Boy is his favourite sketch. Everything was written before filming began, allowing plenty of time for the cast to prepare (especially when compared to Mad As Hell).

They also talk about one of the sketches filmed for Season 2 of Mad As Hell, which never went to our screens, called ‘Blather’. The question remains if this, and other unaired material for the show, will ever be released.

Recap: Your Gen, March 22nd 2011

This week, the guests were Noni Hazlehurst (Baby Boomers), comedian Rebecca DeUnamuno (Gen X) and dancer Matt Lee (Gen Y).

The first game was Panda-Monium. As a red-herring, one of the people replaced by the Panda wasn’t famous. A new game, Cinematic Smart Alec, involved guessing the film from a single frame of the title sequence. Charlie was handicapped by being the only one who had to answer in French. It was followed by As Quick As, which involved answering questions before an escapologist (“Cosentino”) removed his straight jacket.

The 4 buttons were all movies “promoting Scientology”: Wog Boy II, Battlefield Earth, Knowing and of course, Trust Me.

  • Gen Y picked Wog Boy, playing Lost Luggage where celebrities had to be identified from their luggage.
  • Battlefield Earth was the choice of Gen X, which was It Could Be Worth. (A game I like)
  • The BB went for Knowing, where the game was Plagiarism Theatre. Our good friends, Francis and Kat (joined by Michael Ward) were part of the Your Gen players, enacting a scene with 10 quotes from horror films. Afterwards, Kat Stewart got to meet Stuart the Meerkat.

The Your Gen topic was Fish. For end game, the envelope was delivered by the Dalai Lama wrapped in tinfoil. The challenge was “Which Generation is Best at Working at a Fish and Chip shop?” Shaun put his order in and each of the teams had to prepare it. A few of the burgers were still beating, and Shaun managed to drop the contents of Gen Y’s burger on the floor, then step on it. It was Gen X who took the 1996 National Capital 80k Endurance Ride, donated by Nikki Ward and Trippy Dippy – and shaped like the back end of a horse!

Francis and Denise are Winners

Two of Shaun’s previous cohorts, Francis Greenslade and Denise Scott, are part of the cast of the new TV drama, Winners and Losers, which starts tonight. They play a married couple to one of the main leads, and are expected to provide the light relief.

The show is part of Channel 7’s desire to build on the success of Packed to the Rafters. If a good clip of them together appears online, I’ll post it, but despite how funny I’m sure they will be, I won’t be watching the show personally. 🙂