Watching the Moment

A few years ago, Shaun contributed a story called “The Moment” to a collection called “Humanity: A Short Story Collection” (and it’s still available on Amazon). It is the story is of an old man who night after night is torn from his slumber by a horrible and unshakable vision, all while watching the days of the week disappear – a departure from the style of Shaun’s well-known work, but not outside his wheelhouse.

It was made into a short film around about the same time by Triptych Pictures (who also made The 13th House), and was featured at a number of short film festivals. It sort of slid under the radar after that, but the kind people at Triptych have made it available online to watch for free! The website has more information on the making of the film.

Shaun’s Moment

Shaun’s short story “The Moment” is now available to read as part of “Humanity: A Short Story Collection” which you can purchase and read on your Kindle or Kindle reader for PC. (It’s also available on Android, so I’m going to use my phone to read it). It’s more of a serious offering from Shaun, following the path of his work like the Blackjack series.

What’s more is that “The Moment” is being adapted into a short film! You can try the interactive feature or watch the preview on the official website. My opinion – it looks eerie…

Literary adventures with Shaun

Shaun is certainly keeping busy in the writing circles. For one, Shaun’s book, Smithereens, is being re-released on Monday!

His contribution to the Australian literature anthology, “The Basics of Life” has been confirmed. The editor of AusLit, Steve Rossiter, has supplied some advanced information on Shaun’s story, titled “The Moment”: it is serious, not comedy, but apparently, it is very good. The anthology book will be published in the second half of February – available for $5 from Amazon for use with the Kindle or Kindle compatible devices (PC/Android/iPad etc)

And as part of the “Writers at the Convent” festival in Abbotsford, Melbourne, Shaun is being interviewed by William McInnes, the actor who he “competed” against on Seachange for the love of Sigrid Thornton’s character. It is being held on Sunday 13th February at 2pm – more information at