Tripping into an autobiography

Over the years, Shaun has written books that have touched on facets of his life. For the first time he’s put it all together in an autobiography: Tripping Over Myself, a Memoir of a Life in Comedy.

There’s also a book tour around Australia where you can see Shaun in conversation with various people about the book and his career.

The book is available from the 5th October.

I’ve read so much about Shaun’s career, I’m looking forward to reading it from Shaun’s experience, probably with a few non-sequiturs and garden path sentences thrown in!

Although I can’t help feeling the release of this book, combined with the wrapping of Mad As Hell, is a full stop (or pause) to his on-camera career – I really hope I’m wrong about that…

6 thoughts to “Tripping into an autobiography”

  1. Is there an audiobook version?
    Perhaps they’re waiting to release one until after the book tour?

  2. Is your book available as an audiobook? I have someone who would love to read it but is now unable to hold a book or turn pages. Thanks for the fun and good thoughts you have gi en us.

  3. Hey! Can I ask if new book is appropriate for a 15 year old??
    Occasional expletives are ok!! Just checking for other adult themes

  4. Really enjoyed the book. Also the comedy over the years. I grew up in that area of ADELAIDE at the same time in a Catholic family – such a great environment for the inadvertent production of comedy and religious disbelief. The Emily Perry segment brought back memories of my partner and I buying a secondhand refrigerator in the 1980s – the front door of the fridge seller’s house was opened by a vaguely familiar middle-aged woman whose identity only became clear when her mutton-chopped husband appeared behind her in the hall. We bought the fridge, undeterred. She was very friendly and chatty. All the best with the next adventure.

  5. I’ve just read your book and I think the photo on the front is very nice. Your hair is lovely.

  6. Sorry we are not going to see you on Mr. and Mrs. Murder. I’m in the USA and had not seen your other work. You have been the key point of the show, the wife is a good adder, but you are the main guy.
    Thank you for the hours you were willing to do on the storyline. I really enjoyed your show when I was recovering from illness/accident! I’ve done the rerun just to get a little bit of uplift to mentally distance myself from the USA/world sorry-sad-sack politics going on here. We need more shows like your Mr. and Mrs. Murder. I wish the job had not been so hard on you, honestly. Not taking yourselves totally serious, and seemingly enjoying your tour thru the variety of scenes you walk through.I read you feel it was more taxing and drudgery. or Trudging. I thought you were great and uplifting. Thank you, again. You made me feel, like a few other shows from Acorn or BritBox, that we get to see a taste of your countries as I know I will never be able to afford actually going there myself. I think I’ve learned some things, and we have looked a few things up online to find out more, when curiosity was piqued.
    Best Regards,

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