We’re on the eve of a new show (and destruction)!

It’s (almost) here – Shaun’s new show is called “Eve of Destruction”, and it premieres Wednesday 14 August at 8pm on ABC.

It’s not Mad As Hell with a new name, but resembles more of a chat show – a format Shaun hasn’t touched since the pilot season of Mad As Hell and before that, Micallef Tonight.

Shaun will be talking to celebrities about their prized possessions and then possibly destroying them, to test to see what’s really important to them.

Looking forward to seeing how it all comes together, but as long as the format gives room for Shaun’s brand of humour to breath, it should be a lot of fun! Besides some Shaun on TV is always better than none.

A quick edit

Anyone keeping an eye on Shaun’s Twitter feed after episode 3 of the current season (14) of Mad as Hell, may have noticed this:

Turns out Shaun caused a mini-Twitter storm over this censorship, despite his obvious joke on the whole situation. It seems much more likely a self-edit by Shaun or the MaH team; due to the recent loss of life due to a shark attack in Sydney harbour, Tosh’s segment equivalating our debt to a shark bite seemed a little tasteless (pardon the pun). Basically this bit was re-edited into a similar topic but different approach.

Anyway, if you’re pedantic (and you’ve read this far… so chances are…), you can rewatch from about 6:20 to 7:40 on iView and see a whole new bit!

I’ve never been able to be sure, but I do think there’s been a minor edit before… not sure if anyone else remembers it.

Mad as Hell is back!

Season 7 (can you believe it!?) of Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell is back tonight on ABC at 8:30pm.
If you miss it, there will be re-runs on ABC2 plus there’s always iView.

And if you noticed this site was MIA for the past few weeks – whoops! But we’re back to usual operations 🙂