The Ex-PM on DVD this week

Now that The Ex-PM has wrapped up a second season, you can now get it as a Christmas present for your nearest and dearest! Or even people further away that you don’t care about.

It’s also been lovingly (or as a marketing ploy) been put into a double-set with Series 1 – so if you didn’t buy the first season (as if!), get them together!

You’ll find it in all places that sell ABC stuff.

The Ex Ex-PM


Like a high speed train passing a transport enthusiast who wasn’t ready, The Ex-PM has gone by too quickly – and all 6 episodes are done! Sadly, Dugdale didn’t even get his book written.

All the episodes are on iView until December 2nd, and you can now get the DVD at all the usual places (like the ABC Shop). There’s a few extras and bloopers from the series.

If you’re hoping for a second series, never say never, but you will at least need to wait till 2017, as Shaun has his dance card full for the next 12 months.

Shaun in The 13th House

Shaun in The 13th HouseShaun’s been involved in a number of side projects through the years, some of which have had limited releases, making it difficult for fans to catch them.

One such project is The 13th House, a 2003 60 minute film which formed part of the official selection in the Adelaide Film Festival 2003, Sitges International Festival of Catalonia 2003, Brussels International Film Festival 2004 and the Sydney Film Festival 2003.

Mark Waterman (Damon Gameau) works a menial job writing travel brochures for a large, faceless corporation. He is just another cog in an impossibly large machine; dreaming of holidays he can never afford and women he can never have.

When an opportunity for promotion to the 13th Floor is presented to him by the enigmatic Chairman of the Board, played by Shaun, Mark quickly jumps at it. The lure of the most expensive cars, tailored suits and other perks of the ‘better life’ await those that attain membership to the Board.

However, Mark soon finds himself caught in the middle of a sinister game with rules so contradictory, so senseless, that he is forced to sacrifice everything he once held dear in order to win the ultimate prize…

Finally, the the film is finally available on DVD, and includes special features such as deleted scenes and outtakes with Shaun. Purchase it at the Triptych Pictures website.

Mad As Hell on DVD

Strangely enough for a topic news show, the first season of Mad As Hell is making its way to DVD. It’s available from this Wednesday 3rd October from most DVD retailers or the ABC shop. We’re not expecting any special features, but if you didn’t tape it when it first aired, here’s your opportunity to complete your Micallef collection.



The Collected Shaun DVD Set

After rumours last year, finally The Collected Shaun Micallef DVD Box Set is now out in stores (also here)!

The box set includes 10 DVDs and 1 CD:

Originally, the box set was to include Shaun Micallef’s New Years Rave, shown on Channel Ten at the end of 2009, but that seems to have been omitted. That means all of the DVDs (and CD) in the box have been previously released individually.

Another glaring omission is of course Welcher and Welcher, which was released last year.

Welcher & Welcher now available on DVD!

It has been eight years coming, but the very clever sitcom written and staring Shaun, Welcher & Welcher, is now available for you to watch over and over in the private space that is your own home.

The only special feature is outtakes, but the series itself is worth it for any Shaun fan.

So get to your local store (or online*), exchange your cash for a plastic disc in a plastic box, put the disc in the thing that looks like a cup tray and prepare to laugh and laugh. And cry. Then laugh again.

* Spotted at EzyDVD ($30) and JB Online ($25) – “Pretty Good for the Price!

Welcher & Welcher coming to DVD!

That hilarious sitcom written by and starring Shaun is coming to DVD! Also starring Robyn Butler and Francis Greenslade, the show was set in a law firm and followed the misadventures of Quentin Welcher.

Madman is listing the release date as June 16th with commentary by Shaun to be confirmed, so here’s hoping!

You can still find the original website for the show here.

What were your favourite moments from Welcher and Welcher? Leave a comment!