The Collected Shaun DVD Set

After rumours last year, finally The Collected Shaun Micallef DVD Box Set is now out in stores (also here)!

The box set includes 10 DVDs and 1 CD:

Originally, the box set was to include Shaun Micallef’s New Years Rave, shown on Channel Ten at the end of 2009, but that seems to have been omitted. That means all of the DVDs (and CD) in the box have been previously released individually.

Another glaring omission is of course Welcher and Welcher, which was released last year.

6 thoughts to “The Collected Shaun DVD Set”

  1. I bought this; a great set, but was quite disappointed at the omission of the New Years Rave. Will we ever be able to get our hands on it?

  2. There’s likely a bootleg around somewhere. Shaun’s said previously that he doesn’t have a problem with fans distributing the material that’s likely never to get an official release. Having said that, I have no idea where to find it.

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