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Screen captures from Shaun’s work

Candid photos from the fans

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15 thoughts to “Gallery”

  1. What a darling man you are Shaun…meeting you guys yesterday on Mr and Mrs Murder, was such fun. I guffawed my way through your ‘memoir’ this morning and thought, i MUST play Shaun’s 300lb mama if that skit ever gets up. C’mon, i’d be perfect for it, don’t ya reckon? All the best mate, you’re a national treasure.

  2. Loving Mr & Mrs Murder. Love Shaun’s work and he has found a great co-star in Kat for the series. They are great together. I truly hope everyone gets behind this series as we need more Australian content on our televisions.

  3. Why ruin MAD AS HELL with horrendous canned laughter. Is this another joke is are they serious.
    Whoever got the job of placing it onto the soundtrack needs to be cuffed around the back of the head strongly.

    I’d demand my licence fee back if we still had to pay them…

  4. I’m surprised that you don’t know what real laughter sounds like snookertony. You sound like someone who would be constantly delighting crowds.

  5. I gree with snookertony, is are he serious? Or was that? He also stole my moniker – give her back you cad!

  6. I’d love to see Shaun do a Tony Abbott Gangnam style! How about it Shaun? Our PM’s rating need a boost – Gangnam style!

  7. CG : Many thanks for the kind words, surely there’s more you could say. I, for one would like ot hear more….
    SNOOKERGEOFFREY : Well, hello SG, and how are you keeping. It seems like only yesterday since I was a only child? Did you not hear – I married Moniker eventually. She tracked me down and geld a gub to my head.

  8. Hello Shaun
    We loved your sketch with Peter Dutton on last week’s show!
    What is it with the “mini me” Shaun Statue on your desk each show?
    He looks so very regal and composed – Are they available on ebay for dedicated fans

  9. Hi Shaun, appreciate your “On the Sauce” program.

    I got off the grog many years ago, it was a complete change of friends, bar flies aren’t hard to leave behind, and my time was then mine, no longer a slave to the “grog”.

    I hope your show inspires many others to quit too, well done.

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