A quick edit

Anyone keeping an eye on Shaun’s Twitter feed after episode 3 of the current season (14) of Mad as Hell, may have noticed this:

Turns out Shaun caused a mini-Twitter storm over this censorship, despite his obvious joke on the whole situation. It seems much more likely a self-edit by Shaun or the MaH team; due to the recent loss of life due to a shark attack in Sydney harbour, Tosh’s segment equivalating our debt to a shark bite seemed a little tasteless (pardon the pun). Basically this bit was re-edited into a similar topic but different approach.

Anyway, if you’re pedantic (and you’ve read this far… so chances are…), you can rewatch from about 6:20 to 7:40 on iView and see a whole new bit!

I’ve never been able to be sure, but I do think there’s been a minor edit before… not sure if anyone else remembers it.

3 thoughts to “A quick edit”

  1. You’ve got a lot to answer for mate. The wife of a US Supreme Court judge has, in the course of participating in the Trump attempted coup, emailed “Release the Kraken!”

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