Shaun’s Work

The man himself has been involving in so many things; writing, acting and producing; TV, radio, movies, books, CDs… phew!

This is the place for the never ending list of Shaun’s work. Click on the bold items for more information.

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  • Mr and Mrs Murder – TV (2013)
  • Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell – TV (2012-)
  • Mollusks – TV (Voice) (2011)
  • The Bazura Project – TV (Voice) (2011)
  • The Cup – Movie (2011)
  • The Moment – Short Story (2011)
  • Laid – TV (2011-12, 5 episodes) – ‘G Bomb’
  • Preincarnate – Book (2010)
  • Good Evening^ – Stage (2009/10) – Himself
  • Shaun Micallef’s New Years Rave – TV (2009) – Himself
  • His Generation – CD (2009)
  • Talkin’ ’bout your Generation – TV (2009-2012) – Himself
  • Newstopia – TV (2007-2008, 3 series) – Himself
  • Boeing Boeing – Stage (2008) – Bernard
  • The King – TV/Movie (2007) – Colin Bednall
  • Thank God You’re Here – TV (2006-2007) – Various (Semi-regular guest)
  • Aquamarine – Movie (2006) – Storm Banks
  • Vega 91.5 Breakfast – Radio (2005-2007)
  • The Extra – Movie (2005) – Paul Ridley
  • Through My Eyes – TV (2005) – Jack Winneke
  • Smithereens – Book (2004)
  • Bad Eggs – Movie (2003) – Premier Cray
  • The Honourable Wally Norman – Movie (2003) – Ken Oats
  • The 13th House – Movie (2003) – Sir
  • BlackJack – TV (2003-ongoing) (creator/writer only)
  • Micallef Tonight – TV (2003, 13 episodes) – Himself (also writer)
  • Welcher & Welcher – TV (2003, 7 episodes) – Quentin Welcher (also writer/producer)
  • Logie Awards Host – TV (2001) – Himself
  • SeaChange^ – TV (2000) – Warwick Munro
  • The Micallef Program – TV (1998-2001, 3 series) – Various (also writer/producer)
  • Shaun Micallef’s World Around Him – TV (1996) – Various (also writer/producer)
  • The Glynn Nicholas Show – TV (1996) (writer only)
  • Full Frontal – TV (1994-1996) – Various (also writer/producer)
  • Jimeoin – TV (1994) – Various (also writer)
  • The Big Gig – TV (1989) (writer only)

7 thoughts to “Shaun’s Work”

  1. O Shaun..where are you? So much excellent material to work with now and no one worth a crumpet to use it!

  2. Just a note from another American who along with her husband have been enchanted by Mr. And Mrs. Murder now airing on PBS in the US. So sorry to hear there are just 13 episodes. The writing, the acting, and Nicola and Charlie’s relationship are just wonderful. A fresh take on Nick and Nora Charles! Would love to see the series revived, if only for one more season. Thanks!

  3. Gday Mr Michallef
    Absolutely luv your work. (more Milo K. pretty please)
    Anyhoo Saw C. .Pyne on tv as Defence Industries Minister aka DIM say no more
    Glad to help Yours unfaithfully Dennis J Freeling

  4. Shaun,
    Love your work in Mad As Hell. Always a laugh and the way you and your team parody current politics is hilarious!

  5. Shaun,

    Love your work.


    Liatening to rn the other day. Blue print for living.

    Thet had top people from charitues and govt agencies talking about more and more Australians becoming people with “food insecurity”. The reasons effects etc. One of the isdues beung withdrawl of the job keeper and going back to job seeper and how under the former people were able to feed and clothe their kids. That latter not.

    Then the next topic in the program was some comfy lady who is a food gury presenting wonderful recipes. She did a yummy pie. With the presenter ading to this general genre with yummy enthusiasm.

    This would be so funny if it wasn’t real. How did they manage to stage such a black humoured comedy? Imagine being a person going back to job seeker who with a couple of small kids would feel.listening to that. Do stupid.

    Itay give you an idea for a sketch.


  6. Good afternnon Shaun,
    You had better be on a beach in somewhere like Barbados doing a whole bucket load of S.F.A. good Sir as this would be the only reason i would accept for you not gracing us with your brand of comedy.
    Please consider a political parody where you are a federal minister for the P.I.C. (Party in Charge)
    Shaun you and your team could really give our federal politicians a good turkey slapping they are very much in need of. With the volume of slapping that would be done I can see you and your team getting callouses on your turkeys .

    Do miss you Heaps Shaun

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