Guests for Your Gen, 5th & 7th September

As already posted, next week we have two episodes of Talkin’ ’bout Your Generation lined up, due to the move from Sunday nights to Tuesday.

This Sunday is a ‘back-to-school’ special with broadcasters Steve Vizard representing the Baby Boomers, Kate Langbroek (Gen X) and Andy Lee (Gen Y) as guests.

On Tuesday, the guests will be actor Lincoln Lewis (Gen Y), comedian Bob Franklin (Gen X) and for the baby boomers, Denise Scott – Shaun’s old radio partner!

Your Gen heads back to Tuesdays

After moving to Sunday nights at the start of this year, it looks like TAYG is heading back to Tuesday nights, probably because of Junior Masterchef. (which won’t be on my watching schedule)

So, we can enjoy our dose of Mr Micallef mid-week again starting September 7th – plus when the change over occurs, we’ll get two episodes in three days!

Thanks to Andrew for the alert!

Doing the talking circuit

Shaun was on radio this morning, spruiking Sunday night’s episode of Your Gen. I caught his quick appearance on Classic Rock 91.5, where he talked about the chair he used to sit in (was the Vega studio), confirmed the guest list and joked that he was expected to get similar ratings to Masterchef.

When discussing the end-game, it seems the Maze will be a one-week event, but be prepared for more elaborate ones to come.

Being Classic Rock, the presenter asked what his favourite classic rock artist – to which he dryly replied: Sade.

TAYG on a plane – and back in 2 weeks

According to the ads and forums, Talkin’ ’bout Your Generation is returning on August 1st, in the same Sunday night slot – but you can expect a twist on some of the games! Watch the ad here.

In other news, if you fly with Qantas, you may also be aware they are showing cut down episodes of TAYG on their domestic flights. That should go someway to making up for all the trouble it takes to actually board the plane!

Shaun, trophy redistributor

In case you haven’t frequented the official site/Facebook of Talkin’ Bout Your Gen (Tbyg), you wouldn’t know that the call has been put out for unwanted trophies!

In the 1st season, Shaun seemed to give out his own personal trophies as a prize to the team who won that week – including one of his Logies for The Micallef P(r)ogram(me)!? He must of run out by Season 2, as a more standard trophy was awarded to the best generation.

Now it seems that old awards, medals, certificates from viewers will be the prize in Season 3 – sounds like an idea Shaun would have! Got one you want to be rid of? Read the full info.