Interviews with Shaun

Just a reminder – you only have until Thursday to submit your questions for our interview with Shaun. The best questions will then be submitted, so we can get some answers! (Unless we can’t handle the truth?)

Speaking of which, we are very excited to see Tony Martin’s show A Quiet Word With… will be featuring Shaun on 28th of May. With the show format resembling an informal chat, this should prove to be a must see!

A sketch from MousePATROL

The thought of Shaun Micallef and Tony Martin working on a TV project together sounds like it would be the most amazing thing EVER! Well, it almost happened in 2004.

A show with the working title MousePATROL was the vehicle, but unfortunately the ABC shelved it, and not much of the material was ever released. But this week, Tony’s post on Scrivener’s Fancy revisits one of the rejected scripts on the topic of ‘Footytainment‘.

Enjoy, and we’ll keep wishing these two comic geniuses will get the chance to work together again.

Shaun-friend-a-palooza on The Librarians

Filming is underway on the third season of The Librarians, which has been a stand-out sitcom for the Australian ABC.

The show is full of Micallef-alumni/friends: the show is written by and stars Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope, and also stars Roz Hammond. And Tony Martin is set to direct a few episodes this season. If only Shaun had a small role, it would definitely be describable as a ‘palooza’!

Stay tuned for it later this year.