Recap: Mad As Hell, June 1st 2012

Shaun gets more than he bargained for when a car he was buying turns out to be an ocean liner. Meanwhile, Roz and Francis are up to their old necks too when a horse they were impersonating has to be put down.

Actually, first Shaun recognised the traditional owners of this timeslot: Mother and Son (1984-1994). This weeks episode was filmed before a live studio audience could leave the chamber. The audience acknowledged they were real.

Shaun felt there was less violence during the Eygipian presidential election than Eurovision. To cover the election, they sent Francis to Chiro not Cairo. Mrs Conroy tells us it’s not easy running a country – so many leaders are in turmoil or have been jailed. Robert Mugabe is an exception, he didn’t even let being voted out of office get in the way of his sense of duty to his country.

The Queen has been running her country twice as long as Robert, and Shaun thinks that her subjects are just as scared. Even Paul McCartney remembers the last time visiting she “touched me with a sword.” He pushed for the ABC to show the Jubilee live, mainly because he doesn’t like Warren Beatty. There were then Vox Pops on the subject of when we should become a republic – “When hell freezes over?”

If you rule a country with too much fear, the UN will come in a monitor you go even further. Kofi Annan doesn’t seem like Syria’s cup of tea. In a report by Charliana Striptank, can Al-Assad’s wife appeal to her husband? Yes, but can she appeal to him to stop the violence?

Time makes some people more cuddly, like Jeff Kennett, who doesn’t think much of prayer rooms at the football. Shaun will defend your right to leave a sporting match to pray, despite the rooms best feature being that they have none.

Schapelle Corby could be out of her Bali hell-hole and back in her Gold Coast one very soon, and Golem Monfries, a free Schapelle advocate says she is stoked. Even if it meant the release of people smugglers, Golem felt smuggling 4kg of drugs was a lot less than 4-5 75kg of people. Shaun recommends you use Google if you want more information.

In Wisdom of the Elders, Francis spoke to William (Bill) Duthie about the anniversary of the Walk for Reconciliation. He felt it was a historic moment, and when he was younger, had no real understanding of Aborginality, but got a bit confused about which famous Aboriginals were which – was it Lionel Rose? The walk was about building bridges using an existing bridge, a great time saver, and involved 300,000 people or 600,000 legs walking as one massed leg. After forgetting what he was talking about, Bill asked Francis to help him mail Captain Cook’s skull back to England via post.

In an upcoming interview with a prostitute, Francis is informed the cost for the hand only, but he wants to know about the whole arm.

In this week’s Miss Fysher’s Murder Mysteries, there was no evidence whatsoever on who was the perpetrator, despite him being caught with the gun over the victim, and continuing to fire it into the body.

Shaun segwayed into Leaning about life through Pop Culture, and in X-Men comics, two men are getting married. Shaun doesn’t like mixed-marriages: a mutant and a non-mutant?!  Which DC character is going to come out? Superman, or the Flash?

Probably not coming up is Shaun debate with representatives of AWU and Mining lobby – Gina Rinehart is a single mother, she needs that $2million an hour.

Inspired by the Neighbours from Hell type story run by Today Tonight or ACA, Sharon Lola Brigita (Roz) covered the story of how Osama Bin Laden remained undiscovered for so long in Pakistan – it was the neighbours, who hadn’t dobbed on him because of his good community engagement – running events, bringing in the bins.

Shaun had a real interview with Rachel Perkins, the director of Mabo. There were comparisons with The Castle, talk of the dance scene, Andrew Bolt’s influence and the involvement of the Mabo family.

There wasn’t time to cover that while $6000 gets you dinner with Tony Abbott, $4.5 gets you dinner without. But Shaun did reflect on Vogue’s decision to not use young or undernourished children – where should they find work now? It’s enough to make you, or them, sick.

What were your favourite moments? Reviews, thoughts?

5 thoughts to “Recap: Mad As Hell, June 1st 2012”

  1. Why the interview with the director of Mabo? It wasn’t funny and I don’t really want my viewing pleasure spoiled by puff pieces about other shows. Use Randling somehow or just advertise between shows.

    Otherwise the show is great, laugh out loud funny. Outrageous. Great!

  2. With immense pleasure I welcome The Shaun back to the bosom of Aunty. My head would be rattling if I wasn’t laughing it off. Is there any possibility of interviews including the bucket of custard from TAYG? Or perhaps chocolate icing and coconut, for an Aussie touch? The segment could be called “Human Lamington” and the audience could chant ‘OY OY OY’ as the bucket tips.

    Just a thought.

    Would it be possible to refer to this site during the show? I had to search for milliseconds to find it.

  3. The interview did seem a little too obvious with the cross-promotion, but I thought Shaun conducted it well. Check out the earlier one he did with Masha Gessen.

    I felt that this episode had polished up any of the rough edges and I loved the flow.

    As this site is ‘unofficial’, I doubt he’ll mention it on air.

  4. Best birthday pressie!
    I’m loving this show, there may be little things to polish up, but I don’t really care about them, it’s simply a great show and I look forward to it each week.
    I think the straight interviews are a good idea, but maybe if they fit in with the subject matter of the show? I like that they bring extra dimensions to Shaun’s character.

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