Mad As Hell will return, plus Preview of 20th July 2012

It has been confirmed that Mad As Hell will return for a second series of 10 episodes, probably in February 2013. This will be after filming of Mr and Mrs Murder, which will take most of the next 6 months. Shaun’s also keen for a third season, around the time of the next federal election, but this will depend on other factors.

Friday’s episode should be one of the best yet, with a beautiful report-cross-sketch on the topic of health care with an ever-changing Xanthe, a clever four-way discussion on obesity, Gay March pops back, and hopefully the premiere of the gay Olympic table tennis team sketch, which has been teased at a few “live nights”. Josh Thomas makes a guest appearance too! Shaun was also very generous with his time to the audience, answering (and asking) questions while the cast was changing wardrobes. Even Tony Martin popped in during the taping, to wish Shaun a Happy Birthday and celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Late Show.

I also had the great pleasure to interview Shaun, as well as Tosh and Stephen, and look forward to slowly getting those written up and posted. Thanks to everyone, especially Anthony, for their time.

3 thoughts to “Mad As Hell will return, plus Preview of 20th July 2012”

  1. The gay table tennis sketch is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I really hope it gets a showing!

  2. My sister and I had the pleasure of being at this taping and I have to say, it was one of the best shows we’ve ever been to. Shaun is a true entertainer and a lot of the fill-ins between sketches were just as funny as the written stuff.
    We are really looking forward to this one!

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