Initial thoughts on Mr and Mrs Murder

I really should be sleeping, but I need to express what a sweet, enjoyable and clever show Mr and Mrs Murder is. Shaun and Kat do a brilliant job as the central characters in this crime solving drama, and it’s really the relationships between the characters, which all felt genuine, that really make this show. The sleuthing is really there as a motivation, and a background interest. The dialogue never felt contrived – I could almost imagine many couples trading lines the same way. Bring on more of Charlie and Nicola!

If you missed the first episode, hopefully Channel Ten will put it online soon.

And Mad As Hell, that was brilliant as always – recap coming soon.

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6 thoughts to “Initial thoughts on Mr and Mrs Murder”

  1. Shaun came back with two bangs last night! Mad As Hell is looking every bit as awesome and funny as last year.
    And Mr and Mrs Murder, wow, what can I say? Shaun has saved channel 10 yet again. Of course I was expecting it to be good, but I think Mr and Mrs Murder went beyond what I expected.
    Shaun and KAT work really well together, I don’t think it would be the same with any other two as the central characters.
    I can’t wait ’til next week!

  2. I tried to find a place on the channel 10 website to leave a comment about the show, but could only find a postal address.
    Really enjoyed the first show. Loved the bit about self help.

  3. Just finished watching all 13 Mr and Mrs Murder episodes on AcornTV. Loved it!! Please tell me there will be a second season!!!! and a third and a fourth!

  4. We just recently discovered the Mr. and Mrs. Murder series here in the U.S. and purchased Series, enjoying the lighthearted, tongue-in-cheek humor and great acting by all parties. We are so disappointed it wasn’t renewed for a second season and were wondering who we could write in Australia to request another season? Good writers and actors, no foul language or gratuitous violence and blood, good plots, intrigue and fun. You made us care about the characters and their lives. Best wishes and please let us know if we can start a petition to renew the series. Thanks!

  5. Love. Love. Love new show Mr & Mrs Murder. I can’t wait to look their other shows after this. I absolutely adore how they “love each other and the niece” on there as well.
    p.s. Where does Nicola get her sunglasses. Designer? Thank you.

    Have enjoyed watching Mr and Mrs Murder over the last few Saturday afternoons. It has been airing Nationally in the USA on Digital Network (Diginet) Retro TV at 2PM Eastern 11AM Pacific as part of the Acorn TV Presents show. Sadly the last 2 episodes will air next weekend. Glad to get to know Shaun, maybe the owners of Mad as Hell can make a deal with Luken Communications to get it on Retro TV also. I have to say though I don’t get the vibe of Charley and Nicola being Jess Aunt and Uncle, I get a Mother and father vibe (maybe I watch too much General Hospital), Be great if you did a Movie every couple of years like they used to do with Colombo here back in the day. From your new fan from Florida

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