The Penultimate Shaun night

We’ve now been treated to 10 solid weeks of back-to-back Shaun each Wednesday, with Mad As Hell followed by Mr and Mrs Murder. But that unfortunately means we’re down to the last 2 weeks of both shows (what a coincidence?!). Knowing Shaun and the writers, we’re in for some really enjoyable moments.

What have you enjoyed so far about either show, and which would you most look forward to returning?

8 thoughts to “The Penultimate Shaun night”

  1. Why does Mad As Hell have to end at all? Can’t it just run indefinitely, like “The Daily Show”?

    We desperately need shows like “Mad As Hell” to stay on the air to counter the suffocating avalanche of bullshit the rest of Australian TV is. Our horrifying society needs a show like this to make fun of it just to keep the suicide rate down.

  2. I’m a HUGE fan of Shaun and all of his shows and i’ll need rehab when Mr and Mrs Murder is over!

    My partner and I absolutely LOVE the show and relate to the two main characters so much its like watching us on tv LOL!!

    I love how the two main characters are so inlove with eachother and have such quirkyness which makes me smile =)
    Can’t wait till next season! And if they cancel the show there will be blood! 😉

    Also, Shaun my childhood revolved around watching Full Frontal and still to this day you crack me up with your skits!! Expecially Milo bahhahaha!! Bring him back 😉

    Love your biggest fan from Adelaide, Bianca <3

  3. I would love to see a second series of Mr & Mrs Murder. I’m loving everything about the show so far, from the storylines, Shaun and Kat’s on screen chemistry to the quirky way they solve each case.
    I’d love to see this series grow even further and be able to establish more about each of the fantastic characters.

    As for Mad As Hell, Shaun and the team have been absolutely on fire this year! I’d love a third series of MAH because as we know from past Shaun shows, the third series is always a crazy, wild ride and I can’t wait to see where this show goes next!

  4. Huge fan of Shaun, find mad as hell so refreshing after watching all the bullshot news all week. Watching Shaun puts it all in perspective. It is nice to know I am not alone, when I find the news and politicians mind bogglingly stupid.
    I also love Mr and Mrs Murder, nothing like a good whodunnit.

  5. Dear Shaun,Please bring back Meatboy.
    Our dogs are wasting away in frantic hope.

    Meatboy,Meatboy,where’s that f*cking Meatboy…

    PS. Genius you.

  6. I am really going to miss Vomitoria. Is there any way you can set up a real blog or Twitter account for her so she can continue eviscerating the Labor party after Mad As ends?

    PS. Am I going to get a Calotto ham?

  7. I just love love love Mr and Mrs Murder. I adore all the characters,the quirky mannerisms and their relationships with each other are so clever and the best entertainment this year. Bring on the second series NoW!

  8. Hi,
    I agree with the other Pamela(#7) I thoroughly enjoyed watching Mr and Mrs Murder and always looked forward to watching it every week, the cast are great and I the chemistry
    between Saun and Kat and I hope Mr and Mrs Murder will return

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