Recap: Your Gen, September 7th 2010

Did you enjoy your double-shot of Shaun in three days? Well then, what’s wrong with you! Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to get personal. 🙂

Tonight’s episode featured comedian Denise Scott for the Baby Boomers, comedian Bob Franklin (Gen X) and actor Lincoln Lewis on Gen Y.

Games played were:

  • Accessory Before The Fact: determine the character from their accessory
  • Ad Hoc: work out the TV advertisement from the still frame
  • Sounds Like History: translate the news headline

The four button options were Groucho, Harpo, Chico and John Travolta.

  • Gen X chose Harpo, playing Who Said That? where Bob read a line while doing an impression and Charlie had to guess.
  • Gen Y picked Chico, which was Name That Tune.
  • BB decided on John Travolta, playing Era Error – a 70’s disco with 6 anomalies.

Vegetables was the topic for the Your Gen round. The End Game envelope was delivered by a Dalek (or Brooke from the stage version of Mary Poppins), and revealed the challenge: “Which Generation is best at Being a Hair Dresser”. What followed were the three teams creating styles on real people that would take months to grow-out.

For their effort in creating the most ‘original’ (read: awful) style the Baby Boomers won the 1996 NSW Recreational Scrabble trophy, donated by Sue Tuckett of Marrickville.

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