New Book in 2014 – “The President’s Desk”?

Shaun joined Tom and Alex on Triple J Breakfast today, and was his usual irreverent self, discussing his award wins, his impressions and the non-sequitur discussions on his Vega breakfast show.

He also revealed he has been working on a book in his break from Mad As Hell, which he revealed as being titled “The President’s Desk” (although this could be a red-herring). We should expect to see it hit real and virtual bookshelves next year! Hooray!

5 thoughts to “New Book in 2014 – “The President’s Desk”?”

  1. I remember at last year’s Willy Lit Fest, Shaun acted out a passage from the book with Kim Gyngell. I think there was an admiral and something about underpants, I can’t remember. It was hilarious though, so whatever it is, I can’t wait for it!

  2. Is there anywhere we can listen to the interview, I had a look on the Triple J website but couldn’t’ see it. Cheers

  3. Knowing Shaun, the book is real, but the title may or may-not be “The President’s Desk” and the length is more than 7 pages. 🙂

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