Recap: Your Gen, September 14th 2010

Tonight’s episode began with Shaun, Amanda and Josh fooling about in the background while Charlie monologued about Mad Magazine.

The guests were comedian Jean Kitson (BB), Todd Sampson, Leo Burnett CEO and Gruen Transfer panellest (Gen X) and for Generation Y, Faustina Agolley from Video Hits.

Shaun collapsed/napped during the introduction, asked to be called Fuzzy Micallef and reminded Jean that he was one of the (less-successful) writers on the Big Gig.

The games were:
– Name That Tee
– What’s a Doodle Do? – sung by the Swingle Singers
– Poli-waffle, where two political quotes had been mashed together

The buttons were all of Shaun’s favourite songstresses; Olivia (Newton-John), Sade and Enya; plus ‘Trust Me’.
– Baby Boomers chose ‘Sade’ which was ‘Noises Off’
– Gen Y picked ‘Olivia’, playing ¡Chronoloco! – Wedding Dresses from the decades
– Gen X succumbed to Shaun’s persistence, going for ‘Trust Me’ where the game was Human Lamington, which was played once before with Josh as the ‘victim’. It ended with Todd fully Lamingtoned.

In the Your Gen round, the teams answered questions on reptiles. The End Game envelope was delivered by Einstein (read: Back to the Future) and revealed the challenge: Which Generation is Best At Cleaning Up From After a Party.

The Baby Boomers won, taking the 2007 Gymnastics Trophy donated by Sarah Rasquina.

5 thoughts to “Recap: Your Gen, September 14th 2010”

  1. Josh needs to learn to sit still in his seat. It’s awfully offputting when he constantly fidgets, stands up and jumps up and down.

  2. Yeah I used to find that annoying too, but I guess I’ve just got used to it now. My mum hates it though, when Megan Gale was on and told Josh to ‘sit down in your chair’, she said: ‘Oh I’ve always wanted to say that to Josh!’

    And I loved the monologue, Shaun and the team captains have developed a really good onscreen relationship with each other now

  3. The Swingle Singers still exist so I was surprised to see that the name was used in this episode without an explanation that the group singing “What’s a Doodle Doo” is not the real thing. Forgive me if I missed something.

    I know that some viewers will presume that they were the actual group and that’s not good publicity for The Swingle Singers themselves. They are still a very busy group with a huge following.

  4. I listened to a radio podcast with Shaun the day after this episode originally aired, where the radio presenter was the wife of one of the members of the Swingle Singers who performed on TAYG, and by the way they talked, it sounded like a legit group. Could quite possibly be two different groups with the same name.

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