Poof, you’re four!

You're Four! CardWell that’s a bit rude, but half true – indeed, this website has turned 4 years old!

For any web-related thing to last and continue to be updated for more than 8 weeks is pretty extraordinary, so thanks to your support over the past 4 years and of course thanks to Shaun, for giving us things to write about!

(Unfortunately, we never got our “Hey dickhead, you’re 3!” card last year.)

One thought to “Poof, you’re four!”

  1. To Shaun Micallef,
    I feel you truly are one of Australia’s greatest w(r)iters, performers and comedians / tragedians. (not really). If I had the patience to read the twaddle of bird shite that comes through the twits; I would read that.

    I am just about to order a copy of https://www.jbhifionline.com.au/default.aspx?T=27&P=530508 – Unfortunately it unavailable for pickup from JB-HIFI. (They’re done it again!) If you could be so kind to make sure JB actually deliver copies of Welcher & Welcher, Mr & Mrs Murder and the Collected Shaun DVD Set that are exceptionally more insulting with schnitzels included.

    By the way, Mad as Hell through the ABC Shop is not working, so if you don’t have the patience to ring them up and complain; by all means; I would be more than happy to, (politely of course.)

    Ezy-DVD was also not available so seeing as I am a lazy ass with no car, no trust in the Myki system owned by John McCain yet with complete trust in the number 25; I feel personally obliged to take matters into the hands of someone who can use their telephone with their left hand, does not use a mobile phone and prefers to talk to people through voice, pen and paper and not through artificial means.

    Keep going Shaun Michael F ; You-I Humbly salutes everything you and your crew do.

    Oli White

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