Shaun working on a new sitcom…?

We fondly remember Welcher and Welcher, Shaun’s foray into the sitcom world, which had some brilliant moments (amongst a few awkward ones). So in very exciting news, Shaun let it slip in a recent chat that he was writing another sitcom!

This is what he told us:

“It’s about a boy who befriends a giant robot. The working title is: Amazing Flying Power Child and it stars myself and Rebecca Gibney.”

So, there it is, explained only the way Shaun could! It’s likely more (or anything) will be announced if and when Shaun gets a green light from the ABC to go to production. Something to hope for in 2015?!

4 thoughts to “Shaun working on a new sitcom…?”

  1. I read last week how Pro Hart felt such a responsibility to keep his 20 employees paid that he denigrated his legacy by churning out shit by the bucketload. One can’t help but feel that Shaun is in the same predicament. Life is funny and sad in equal measure.

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