All the Shaun you can find

Shaun watching TelevisionIt’s been a publicly quiet few months for Shaun, but as we head towards the end of the year, be prepared for an explosion of Micallef appearances:

  • Most Importantly: Mad As Hell is back from Wednesday at 8pm on ABC (or replayed on ABC2 or on iView) for 10 weeks
  • To ‘promote it’ (or not) Shaun will join
    • Matt and Alex on Triple J Tuesday mornings, probably sometime after 8am
    • Red Symonds on ABC 774 Melbourne breakfast, about 7:20am.
    • Both can be heard using the ABC Radio app for your Android/iPhone
  • It’s a Date starts on ABC on October 16th, with Shaun appearing in one of the episodes.
  • The President’s Desk, his book about the alt-history of the most powerful piece of furniture in the world, is available in the first week of October. To publicise it, he will be appearing at:

So now you know!

And Francis’s knee will be doing a regional tour of RSL clubs on the 31st of November.

One thought to “All the Shaun you can find”

  1. Hello Shaun, I like your work but believe to reach your full potential you need to seek out your Sharman and make a name change such as Osher Gunsberg has. AKA Andrew.
    I leave this for your wise consideration.
    Regards Jeff Wiltshire.

    As a Building contractor I believe I should now be known as Corrugated Fenestration for me to succeed on my journey.

    Regards Corrugated Fenestration.

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