Episode Synopses for Mad as Hell Season 4

As has become tradition, the synopsis for each episode of Mad as Hell has become another place for the writers to take some creative license, usually making them incongruous with all of the other one sentence summations of programs in the TV guide. But blink and you’ll miss them, as the ABC usually updates its website to match the actual content after the show is recorded (although Shaun has asked them to stop doing that).

Here’s all the Season 4 synopses for your enjoyment (note that some episodes seemed to miss out this season – was Wardy asleep at the wheel?!):

Episode 1
A half-fortnightly reaping, threshing and winnowing of current affairs asphodel by the combine harvester that is Shaun Micallef. #madashelltv

Episode 2
Here’s a magic trick you can try out on your friends. Pick a card, any card. Put it in your mouth. Eat it, then go to the toilet. Then invite them in and ask sarcastically, “Is that your card?”

Episode 3
For centuries the Taklamakan Desert in China’s northwest has been known as the ‘desert of death’. Now, you can have your very own piece of heaven starting from as little as $275,000!

Episode 4
“And lo, when I did wake from my sleep and open my eyes I was blind, my sight vanished into darkness like the sun at midnight.” Cataractus 20:20

Episode 5
Single 42-yr-old male writer of electronic program guide, non-smoker, GSOH, uni-educated, seeks attractive female to write electronic program guide for Good Times starring Jimmi ‘Dyn-o-mite’ Walker. Discretion assured.

Episode 6 – no custom EPG, same as episode 1

Episode 7
Dave, it’s me. Sorry I didn’t get back to you, been flat out writing this EPG. I guess you want to know about the rocket? Well, good news – Derek Jacobi’s on board! Call me.

Episode 8
Hey guys! Tired of having sand kicked in your face? Then why not stop burying yourself up to your neck in the middle of beach volleyball courts, you idiots.

Episode 9
Roderick prised open the coffin – and gasped. On the underside of the lid were dozens of ragged scratches! He stepped back, horrified. Could it be? Had he really buried his beloved wife… in a second hand coffin?

Episode 10
Final episode competition time! For your chance at a great prize from the ABC, just tell us in seven million words or more ‘The Best Thing About Being Prolix’. (NOT VALID IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA)

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