Mad as Hell returns!

Into the Bin!We’re off and running into the fifth season of Mad as Hell, and already a few nods to the Micallef fans, with a “High Horse” routine sneaking itself into the News from Countries Other Than Australia, with Freedom bars and Coco Pops both going “Into the Bin!”

You may have also spotted his Tyrell Corp Blade Runner chair at the back of the set, which originally appeared in Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation.

We’ve got another nine episodes for this year, 8:30pm Wednesdays on ABC. Catch up on iView or it’s repeated Sunday nights.

Edit: It also made the Top 10 ratings for the night, albeit with similar figures as last year. Also, the Herald Sun had a write up of how the first episode came together, including sketches that were cut (and why).

4 thoughts to “Mad as Hell returns!”

  1. Hey Shaun, loving the new series. Do you thinnk you could also have a go at Barnaby Joyce and David Leyonhjelm? I read that Baaaarnaby has to wear make up in Question Time to cove that revolting red complexion. Last week he said the amount of land in the world is diminishing (or words to that effect). Funny as.

  2. Hi Shaun & the Mad as Hell crew.
    Absolutely love your show …such a bright light in the dismal darkness of Australian Tv.
    Over here in WA a group of concerned locals tried to stop the logging of the Mowen Forest by raising money & making a counter offer. The WA Govt rejected the offer.
    I got thinking & posted this comment..

    Short sighted ignorant arrogant rapers of FREE, OXYGEN GENERATING, CARBON STORAGE FACILITIES!!!
    It’s just mindless stupidity!!

    Trees are infrastructure…why destroy it!!

    It could float…

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