Recap: Your Gen, October 19th 2010

TAGY returns! During the opening, Shaun delivered a Banana Split complete with sparklers to Charlie. The guests were Merv Hughes for the Baby Boomers, Deb Mailman on Generation X and Maude Garrett on Gen Y.

The first game played was Franken-Face, which soon descended into order chaos, which Shaun broke up with a blast from his recorder. After a red flag and whistle signaled the end of the ad break, Les Wilson, country poet, introduced ‘What’s a Doodle Do?’ which Merv took some time adjusting to.

The magic window buttons were the Fab 4:

  • Gen X chose John, which was ‘Who Said That’, during which Shaun hinted at his own acting prowess, commenting “I killed [Seachange]… off”.
  • Gen Y picked Paul, playing Celebrities for Sale (similar to Beatles for Sale?!) and determining which celebrity had endorsed which product. Shaun delighted in not actually helping the team determine who the celebrity was until after their answer was final.
  • The Baby Boomers went for George: ‘Era Error’. The scene was a 1987 Gym.

The Your Gen round topic was Australian Films. One of the questions posed to Gen Y was “Who Played Premier Cray in Bad Eggs” – with the team unable to answer that it was Shaun himself! (upsetting Shaun more when Josh described it as ‘forgettable’)

Robert Patterson (covered in shaving cream) delivered the end game envelope – which revealed the challenge as “Which Generation is Best at Being a Butcher”. Teams had to fulfill Shaun’s order, creating Sausages, Kebabs and Trifle. Charlie was so put out over the fact he was still making 2kg of sausages after the order was changed to 6, he poured the items one by one into Shaun’s basket. Gen Y were awarded the winners, receiving the Most Spirited Pee-Wee Samurai Karate Jnr 1988 trophy, donated by Kaden McCaffrey.

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