Recap: Your Gen, October 26th 2010

It was a Halloween special this week, with Shaun dressed as Frankenstein’s Monster. For the Baby Boomers, Amanda was dressed as Morticia and Kathy Lette as Catwoman. Both Charlie and Angus Sampson dressed as Michael Keaton characters, Beetlejuice and Batman. Gen Y had Josh dressed as Casanova (which Shaun mocked) and Camile Keenan as a She-Devil.

First up was Befuddled, where movie posters were scrambled like Puzzle pieces. Who Goes There? Name That Tune.

The four buttons were all actors who played werewolves, plus ‘Trust Me’:

  • Gen Y chose Lon Chaney Jnr, playing Noises Off. While in the ‘haunted bed’, it dropped and a hand raised up to scare them.
  • The Baby Boomers decided on Benicio Del Toro which was Chronoloco! A timeline of aliens had to be sorted chronologically, including Marvin the Martian and Dr Zoidberg.
  • Gen X picked Trust Me rather than Jason Bateman – with Human Lamington the game. Angus graciously put Charlie forward to be the victim, and with two questions wrong – Charlie got covered in Pumpkin Soup AND Sour Cream.

The Your Gen topic was particularly scary: Algebra… actually it was Monsters. In the end game, the teams had to bob for fruits and vegetables – one of each. Gen X was quickest, claiming the ‘Card Game Trophy’ (actually the 1992 Marsen Prize Fokker Trophy) donated by Gary Childs.

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  1. I was even swooning at Shaun as Frankenstein’s monster, haha, I was totally loving the black fingernails as well.

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