The Ex-Ex-PM and the Ex-Studios

On Thursday night, we’ll be treated to a sort-of-Micallef double-header, with the finale of Series 2 of The Ex-PM on ABC at 8:30pm, where Dugdale goes head-to-head in a debate with his political rival.

Following it will be a special on the ABC Ripponlea studios, which closed this year, after being home to many classic TV shows for 50+ years. The last show to be filmed there, which will feature throughout the special, was Mad As Hell. Expect to see some behind the scenes footage and an interview with Shaun.

One thought to “The Ex-Ex-PM and the Ex-Studios”

  1. Have you noticed that Barnaby’s big hat sits lower and lower on his brow as things got tougher and tougher . . .

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