Busy, busy, busy

It’s certainly a busy schedule for Shaun at the moment. Good Evening wraps up in Brisbane on Sunday, before he flies down to Melbourne for an event promoting his book, Preincarnate (which I am attending – woo!).

I’m sure he’ll take a couple of days off before heading to Perth for a (final?) short run of Good Evening. No wonder we won’t get another New Year’s special this year!

8 thoughts to “Busy, busy, busy”

  1. Just saw Good Evening tonight – WOW! Really amazingly well-done show. And I managed to bump into Shaun and Steven about 2 hours before the show while they were milling around the Powerhouse – autographs and photos are a given.

    It’s been an amazing night for a Shaun-o-phile like me.

  2. Ha, I’m so jealous. I have met him once, when Season 3 of the P(r)ogram(me) came out, but hoping to get a photo next time! I thought Good Evening exceeded all expectations – the whole cast were excellent.

  3. I went and saw Good Evening for the second time last night. I thought it would be fun to see how crazy the last show of the run would be, and in one sketch Shaun went off script and the whole sketch went so completley off the rails it seemed impossible that they’d be able to get back to where they were. It was brilliant! Shaun is going to be on the 7PM Project this week to promote the Preincarnate event too.

  4. Does anyone know if either Shaun or Stephen have a fanmail address? I really want to let them know how fantastic the show was, and maybe try convince them to record “Die Flabbergast”. More than anything, I want to give them a heartfelt congratulations for an excellently put together show that revamped my faith in the Australian comic scene – as long as Shaun and Stephen remain in it!

  5. I also enjoyed a bit of Good Evening going off the rails – in the sketch where Shaun plays the schoolboy and after being threatened with the cane by Stephen, informs him that he is significantly taller and will punch his face in. There was silence as the tension built, and an audience member called out: “Tell him he’s dreaming!”

    Both blokes lost it, and Stephen replied “Mum! I told you one free ticket for yesterday’s show, now get out!”. Shaun laughed and asked the audience if anyone remembered where they were in the sketch, and that we’re going to love the next line (which completely relied on the tension that had been lost by the ad lib, and fell utterly flat which made it all the more hilarious).

    I do love those guys. There ability as performers is immaculate.

  6. I don’t think Shaun does – he’s not that ‘connected’. As for Stephen, quite possibly. The show was awesome, wish I could see it again now!

  7. PPP-I actually lol’d at that. I was so close to going on the Saturday night too! That audience member is a legend! As for contacting Stephen and Shaun, you could try finding their agent, there are some production credits with contact details at the back of the program. Or you could try contacting the Powerhouse, I’m sure they could pass on your compliments

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