Recap: Your Gen, March 1st 2011

Who knew that Australia created the splade? Us, now. Guests this week were actor Penny Cook for the Baby Boomers, model Kris Smith for Gen X and Singer/Songwriter Mike Posner for Gen Y. Stuart the Meerkat helped out with the promotion of Mike’s CD, and continued to pop up from time-to-time.

First up was Name That Tee, followed by Celebrity Handbags. The kettle was put in the back seat in As Quick As – Hello Kitty announced that it would be dynamite on a fuse which would be the timer, before arguing on the existance of a flying power turtle. Shaun

The four buttons were all cases: a case of beer, the case of missing  union leader Jimmy Hoffer, a case marked ‘7’ and Trust Me.

  • Gen X chose the beer, playing ‘Draw that Movie’.
  • Gen Y picked Jimmy, which was ‘Watch Your Mouth’, where Mike played the guests and Josh tried to guess. When Michael Cain came up, Shaun filled in with an implacable impression that still caused confusion.
  • BB decided on Case 7 – Chronoloco! 6 items from “As Seen On TV” had to be ordered by when they first appeared. Amanda and Penny took on the personalities of the presenters.

The Your Gen topic was ‘Kids’. To get the end-game envelope, Shaun had to pick-axe through a block of ice. The challenge was to pair and ball up socks. Did you know that all computer socks crashed when the W2K bug hit? Gen Y won the 2008 Grade 2 Mixed Comp Tennis Trophy donated by Di Dennis. Shaun then clothes-lined himself.


2 thoughts to “Recap: Your Gen, March 1st 2011”

  1. I so want to see Shaun do more physical comedy, last night’s tayg was hilarious!

    How awesome is it that Australia invented splades? I love them!

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