Recap: Your Gen, March 8th 2011

It was all relative(s) tonight on TAYG, with the captains of each team joined by their family members. Amanda was joined by her husband Harley Oliver, Charlie by his sister Suzie Pickering, and Josh and his 83 year old grandmother Mona Hale.

First up was Franken-face, and the Bond girls got a run as one of the faces. The next game was Chicken or Egg, guessing which came first out of two similar things.

The four buttons were Love, Respect, Communication and ‘Trust Me’.

  • Baby Boomers chose Love, which was ‘The Secret Life of Walter’s Ditties.” Dr Hannibal Chew from Blade Runner assisted (sort of) as Shaun read out some lyrics from the verses of songs.
  • Gen X chose Respect. Shaun announced the game as ‘7 Degrees of Separation’ then took a bite of a Banana. During the game Charlie and Suzie had to request the assistance of Pamela and Ron, their parents, but still only got 2 correct!
  • Then came the moment we all waited for – Gen Y choosing Trust Me. It was of course ‘Human Nacho’, and Mona volunteered herself to be the one to sit in the chair. On getting the first question right, Mona was offered a corn chip. But the second question was wrong, and Shaun started to turn the lever. It didn’t move, so Shaun suggested she would be spared – but then at the last moment it fell, and she was covered in sour cream. For the last question, Shaun let Josh ask the audience – saving Mona from any more nacho topping. She took it all very well.

The Your Gen topic was “Things”. When Amanda and Harley were asked ‘what thing will your children be eating tonight?’, footage was shown of Liam and Jack rummaging through the fridge.

For the endgame, the envelope was delivered by Shaun’s ‘son’ Rodger – ‘Which generation can fill a car with ping pong ball’, filling the sponsorship obligations. It descended into a bun fight as the teams tried to sabotage each other. With no clear winner, Shaun awarded the 1972 AMP Review Trophy donated by Deb Johnson to Mona alone, for allowing herself to be covered in sour cream.

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  1. Does anybody else miss the intros from last year? A still picture at the start of each ep is a bit boring

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