Recap: Your Gen, March 29th 2011

Guests this week were comedian Jeff Stilson (for the Baby Boomers), former basketballer Andrew Gaze (for Generation X) and singer Brooke McClymont (for Generation Y).

To begin, Shaun enjoyed mocking Josh’s hair style, getting Andrew to shoot a hoop and having Stuart the Meerkat present the McClymont album. First game was “Accessory Before the Fact”. Four Shaun’s sang the “What’s a Doodle Do?” song, but the segment turned into a series of “joking” advertorial.

In the four buttons round, the choices were people who haven’t been thought of recently: Les Gock (guitarist from Hush), Chiang Kai-Shek and Pauletta Washington (Denzel’s wife) – plus “Trust Me”.

  • Gen Y picked Les Gock which was Draw that Book.
  • Gen X chose Chiang – “What Am I Smelling”. During the explanation, Shaun snuck in a Proust reference with a hint of Python.
  • BB decided on Pauletta, playing “You Say Various Things”, but that game was too stupid – so it was swapped for “Who Am I Doing?”

The Your Gen topic was “Australian Popular Music”, an acknowledged well travelled subject on Australian quiz shows.

A cloud of gas delivered the end game envelope – the challenge being “Which Generation is Best at a Black Ops mission?” Teams had to crawl through a series of “lasers” (ie. string), climb a tower, make their way to a secret ball and get the combination to a safe. Phew!

Gen X won, getting the 8th Division Runner-Up Badminton trophy from 1984, donated by Diego Fratenelli from Clovelly Park SA – who looked suspiciously like a young Shaun!

4 thoughts to “Recap: Your Gen, March 29th 2011”

  1. I didn’t realise until Shaun mentioned how handsome he was-then I twigged. Also-BEST END GAME EVER! Doesn’t TV look like so much fun?

  2. It’s a pity the ‘Vaious Things’ song came out after his album. It would have made a great alarm.

    Ah, pesky Diego. You almost had me fooled but for your chin!

  3. He might be sued for copyright infringement by the writer of “What’s a Doodle Do?” Besides, the song, like the game, is far too silly. 🙂

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