Recap: Your Gen, August 1st 2010

Well, we had the first episode of the new season of TBYG tonight and I enjoyed it. The guests (William McInnes, Jimeoin and Ricki-Lee) were a good choice for mine, and Jimeoin’s nonchalant attitude was worth a few laughs.

There were a few new games, but generally it was the same enjoyable format.

Games included: Accessory before the Fact (which item belonged to which TV/Movie character), TV Spin Offs and As Quick As (A fast round timed by a kettle; will we see other devices in future?!)

For the board choices, Gen Y picked Noises Off, BB  had Watch Your Mouth and Gen X played Mash Up, which Shaun preferred to call Bands on the Pun.

The topic for all generations was Love (L’amour) and the end-game, worth 17 points, was a rat maze.

Gen X won the Benalla District Dance Association Runner Up trophy donated by Peter Gibson.

That’s my thoughts, what did you think? 🙂

2 thoughts to “Recap: Your Gen, August 1st 2010”

  1. Definitely put a smile on my face more than a few times, and Shaun cracked me up well and good. Much better than previous episodes.

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