Recap: Your Gen, February 8th 2012

Shaun was a bit confused this week, thinking it was Tom Cruise movie theme week. He’d even dressed up in the Marine uniform from A Few Good Men.

All of the guests were from the Young Talent Time reboot (how well cross-promoted): Johnny Young, Tina Arena, Rob Mills.

First up was Panda-Monium, with famous people replaced by a panda. Next, was Spoilers Ahoy, with a card of Harpo being used to indicate when the viewer should mute (to avoid the spoiler), and Kyle and Jackie-O when they should look away.

A new network policy prevents Shaun from singing, so they played Charlie was Wrong. A (doctored) clip of Charlie getting a question wrong was played, and a team had to get the right answer for 15 bonus points.

The four buttons were all Channel Ten “stars”: Jordy Lucas, Michelle Bridges, Yumi Stynes and Andrew Bolt.

  • Gen Y picked Michelle, playing Draw that Book
  • Gen X chose Jordy, which was What Just Happened? A clip from Harry Potter, with Shaun as Snape and Francis Greenslade as Harry, both searching for the missing invisibility cloak.
  • BB decided on Yumi, and hopped in HG Well’s Time Machine to identify audio clips from throughout history.

The Your Gen topic was Cats and Dogs! The end-game challenge was making High Tea for Shaun and his grandmother, or at least an actress pretending to be.

Gen Y were the unanimous winners with their well cut sandwiches and pikelets, getting the 1st Place Clarinet Award donated by Bethany Wright, Brisbane.

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