Recap: Your Gen, August 8th 2010 (plus guests for next week)

On tonight’s TBYG, the guests were Bill Bailey (BB), actor Rodger Corser (Gen X) and singer Ella Hooper (Gen Y).

Games played were:
Befuddled – “brand spanking new” (no branding, or spanking) – where the aim is to determine the movie from the poster which has been scrambled into pieces.
Who Goes There – determine the other half of a musical duo.
Poli-Waffle –  work out the two quotations that have been fused together.

In the round where each generation chose their topic: (ie. four buttons)
Gen X chose Lifestyle and played 3rd Draw Down, where they have to identify the strange items in a dresser draw.
BB chose Sport and played “¡Chronoloco!” where they had to put various sporting goods in decade order.
Gen Y chose “Trust Me”, which Shaun was very pleased about. The game was Human Lamington, where Ella had to answer 3 questions, and for every wrong answer, Josh was covered in lamington ingredients. Only one answer was wrong, so Josh was only covered in flour. But for every right answer, Shaun jammed a lamington in Josh’s mouth while he was chained to the device – very funny!

The Your Generation topic was The Colour Purple and the End Game (worth 25 points) was “Which Generation is best at Working on an Assembly Line.” Most of it involved frantic running about as the ever continuing line of cans was difficult to keep up with, but in the end, the Baby Boomers won with the best ‘pyramid’. Their trophy was from Gavin Harvey; his prize for being the 2010 Go Kart winner.

Remember, winning isn’t everything, but it does come a close second.

Next Week: It’s a family themed episode, so Amanda will be joined by her son, Charlie by his mother and Josh with his brother.

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6 thoughts to “Recap: Your Gen, August 8th 2010 (plus guests for next week)”

  1. Turns out I do know who Bill Bailey is… saw his guide to the orchestra a few years back. Very funny episode, right from Amanda’s backhand at the beginning. More of this kooky randomness would only be better for the show, in my opinion.

  2. I think Ella went really good and helped Gen Y win for most of the show, she’s been on a lot of these panel-tpye quiz shows.
    The Human Lamington game was the most random and funny thing i have seen on telly ever!
    When the show started with Amanda backhanding Shaun it just reminded me of something that would be on The Micallef Programme 🙂

  3. Strangely, I enjoyed Shaun getting a slap from Amanda too! Was very ‘Micallef Programme’. And even though Gen Y didn’t win, it was about time we at least finished on top prior to End Game – thanks to Ella.

  4. So that’s three affirmative for the physical abuse of Shaun… I hope the show producers read this 😀

  5. Dear Shawn,
    u could make a game like trust me except the container will be higher so noone can see wats in it and the player has to descride it without using keywords. Please consider this.


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