Recap: Your Gen, March 29th 2012

Shaun did his best Charlie Chaplin before the opening credits  of this, the penultimate episode (as recorded – but the last aired?!).

The guests were DJ Carl Cox, Comedian Bob Franklin, and Radio Personality Veronica Milsom. Shaun and Bob talked some guff before the first game, Name That Tee.

In Junior Masters, interpretations of classic “master” paintings by kids had to be identified, as well as the artist.

The sheer quick-ocity of As Quick As was experienced, with the toaster all loaded up and ready to go. Charlie queried what happened to the kettle they used to use, and Shaun informed him that a toaster seemed more sensible.

The four celebrities in the magic window all have a license to drive a forklift: Aaron Badley, Korg, Gandhi and Jean Michel.

  • BB picked Jean Michel, playing What Just Happened? Shaun (as Marlon Brando’s character) and Francis Greenslade (as Rod Steiger‘s character) played a scene from On the Waterfront, with the expected “modifications”.

  • Gen X went for Korg – ¡Chronoloco! The items were all “As seen on TV” and Bob went through each, mainly describing and demonstrating them incorrectly, but humorously.
  • Gen Y decided on Aaron, which was Who’s Your Mummy? It looked like Josh and Veronica were going to have to pass, but with a bit of prompting the guessed correctly – young sailor Jessica Watson.

The Your Gen round was worth two in the bush – Birds! The end game challenge was to find Which Generation Is Best at Shoveling Ectoplasm into a Toilet. Gozer has been reigning terror on the city, so the teams had to clean up before Mr Peck inspected. As the teams tried to shove the goop, the toilets spontaneously “exploded” it back out.

It was Gen X who had shovelled the most, winning the World’s Best Daughter trophy donated by (the mother of) Natalia Nespeca.

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