Recap: Your Gen, August 15th 2010

“It’s time to chop down the family tree, and use the wood to build a bridge between the generations, in a construction project that only MC Escher could site manage.”

The show was family themed, from the introduction question on who hosted Family Feud, to the guests – Amanda’s son Liam, Charlie’s mum Pamela and Josh’s brother Drew.

The games were: Fad-Tastic (guess the fad), What’s a Doodle Do?, which was yodeled by Colleen, followed by Charlton Heston introducing What You Talkin’ Bout Willis?, where generational phrases had to be decided.

In the 4 buttons round:
Generation Y went for Film & TV, playing Who Said That?
X picked Music, which was Name That Tune (all TV shows)
BB chose Lifestyle and played What Am I Eating? Balthasar presented types of spreads, which Amanda fed to Liam, swapping half way through the 6 dishes.

For “Your Generation”, the topic was appropriately Families, which soon changed into personal questions for each team’s families. The End Game challenge was worth 7 points and determined which generation was best at making lemonade.

The trophy, donated by Derek Brown for his contribution as water boy for U14 football, was won by the Baby Boomers.

As a side point, my wife would like to point out Shaun loves to say “common or garden” (noun), without saying “variety”. ie. “garden variety”.

Enjoy the show? Then post some comments “you maniacs!”

3 thoughts to “Recap: Your Gen, August 15th 2010”

  1. Surprisingly funny episode I thought-Shaun’s George Calombaris impersonation was spot on and hilarious. And that toy dinosaur on Shaun’s desk looked a lot like the one from that Micallef Programme sketch. You can tell Shaun is having a larger influence on how the show is put together, his sense of humour really comes through

  2. I agree Lucy, it does seem like he is getting a bit more artistic license. The George thing was great!

  3. Loved the yodel-what’s-a-doodle-doo. It was a truly Micallef Pogram moment. As for the toy, I’m convinced it’s from Pogram too 😀

    Charlie’s mother was suprisingly endearing and funny. I had her marked down as a dry old bat as soon as I saw the ads. And Amanda’s obvious affection for Liam was adorable.

    But Drew and Josh, my god, SO similar. And so hilarious.

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