The Micallef Program – Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1
Aired: 11 May 1998, 8pm
Guest: Jack “Tiger” Adams

Shaun comes of the 7:30 Report dressing room
Shaun introduced as Shaun Michael-Eff
Re-used Set
Opening of Parliament
Injured Athletes
Act 9: Tread
Interview: Busby’s Shoe Kingdom
I Bloody Dare You: Money Dare
Rollie’s confession at the PTA meeting
Interview: Jack “Tiger” Adams
Drunk Surgeon
Farmers and Reconciliation
Mr. Dennis, Remedial English
Wildside cameraman
Tobacco Lobby Scientific Research Institute Announcement
Interview: Computron Software Solutions
Jim Waley: Urine
Roz interviews Milo Kerrigan, instead of Chris Corrigan (replaced by Nuclear Power Plant in re-runs)
Interview: Meat Boy
Dr Miracle M.D. : experimental procedure
Interview: Naval Battle Expert
Shaun interacting with studio audience (Don Lane style)

Episode 2
Aired: 18 May 1998
Guest: Bob Franklin

Shaun interrupts the “Tonight on Your ABC”
Shaun comes out of Media Watch dressing room
Shaun introduced as Shaun Mic-kay-lef
Monologue on a stool
Jokes/Editing Technique
“This is probably going to sound ridiculous”
Insights in Careers: Pharmacy
Rollie’s confession at Alcoholics Anonymous
Lawyer out of order
Pizza recommendation: Customs
Act 900: Randy Twisse
Paul from Zig Zag Direct
Getting away with it: Francis in the Maldives
Pizza recommendation: Doctor
Touring Dates
On this Day: Weather on VD Day 1945
Game Show: World Credit Rating
Interview: Bob Franklin
Jim Waley: Man turned into a Police Station
Roz interview with Peter Reith (replaced by Funeral Phone Call in re-runs)
Shaving cut
Pizza recommendation: Church
Broken Ride-On Toy
Emotional interview
Dr Miracle M.D. : saving Dr Jaffey
Talking about motocycles
Thanks to Bob Franklin
Ad for ABC Classic FM

Episode 3
Aired: 25 May 1998
Guest: Kitty Flannigan

Jack Ruby draws the ABC logo
Shaun comes out of Four Corners room
Shaun introduced as Shaun Micallem
Monologue: Political Fawn
Newspaper Article (Contemporary Satire)
Waiters: Poor Service
Documentary: The Downer Months
Wayne with the Cleano Deluxe
Pyrax Blender demonstration
Better Homes and Gardens (than Yours)
Interview: Claire the Psychic
Transplant Surprise Party
Restaurant Tram
Distinguished Members of the Business Community in Prison
“Are Bald Women Sexy?”
Reducing Collision Statistics
Don’t Hire Katie Armitage
Shaun Micallef’s Soapbox (a predecessor to the High Horse)
Husband leaving wife
Jim Waley: Masked Gunman
Police Turtle Squad
Guide Lions for the Blind
No Friends
Documentary: “Kreepy Spooks” From Dreams to Nightmare
Thanks to Kitty Flannigan
Bald Woman in Park

Episode 4
Aired: 1 Jun 1998
Guests: Alison Whyte and William McInnes

“I Am Death” Introduction (Seventh Seal parody)
Shaun enters from beach
Shaun introduced as Mr Shaun Program
Monologue: Chicken on Set
Micallef family
Girls on Fire with “Sex Me Now!”
Un-Australian Road Rage
Department of Public Relations on Asian Racism
I Bloody Dare You: Car Jump with Alison Whyte
Ambulance from parallel world
Act 766: Action Boy
Impractical Jokes segment
Credit refusal
Interview: William McInnes
Sprained Ankle
Francis plays theme from Titanic
How to be Elegant, with Francis and Milo
Jim Waley: Hot Chocolate
Roz interview with Tony Blair and Gerry Adams (replaced by Bravery Award in re-runs, but removed from DVD extras)
Stand Up Comic: audience geography
Dr Miracle M.D. : virus cure
Closing comments and tomorrow’s newspaper headlines
Seventh Seal stone skipping
Micallef family (part 2)

Episode 5
Aired: 8 Jun 1998
Guest: Glenn Butcher

Brought to you by Death Trap
Shaun comes out of Lano and Woodley room
Shaun not introduced
Monologue: Two pronged opening
Dog’s Accident
Artistic Ticket Inspector
Documentary: Behind the Badge
Act 773:  Commodore Brian Clarke and his wife Linda
Kenny G, F# Record Holder
Who Are They Now: Michael Kelly
Latin Words/Sotto Voce
Kenny G Update
Game Show: Who Am I? John Howard
People Who Look or Don’t Look Like Their Pets As the Case May Be
Jim Waley: Groans
Phillip Quist Interview: NW Tasmanian Golf Open
Beer Mat On Your Glass
Aardvark Plumbing
Interview: Scrabble Champion
Norbens Fertilizer
Baby Holding
Kenny G Stopping
Sea Watch
Smallest Room in the House: Marty Sheargold

Episode 6
Aired: 15 Jun 1998
Guests: Shane Bourne & Margaret Urlich

Classification Warning
Shaun comes out of Bananas in Pyjamas room
Shaun introduced as Shane McClegan
Monologue: Fly-On-the-Wall
Dog Food Contest Winner
“Got anything smaller?”
Documentary: Paranoia Sufferer
Act 3004: Dueling Idiots
Jim Glubel’s Home Vandalism Service
Amsterdam Tourism Promo
“Have you seen my glasses?”
Interview: Shane Bourne
Who Are They Now: Adriana Xenidis
Jim Waley: Helium
“You’re So Vain” duet with Margaret Ulrich
Interview: Everwiz
Game Show: Spin the Globe
Wind Cops
Hen Dentist
Act 1003: Adrian
Sex Drugs ‘n’ Rock & Roll The McGahn Interviews: Bach
Guest Thanking
How to be in the Home Viewing audience

Episode 7
Aired: 22 Jun 1998
Guests: Joe Dolche

Dr. Frankenstein, Orthodontist
Shaun climbs out through Doctor’s Waiting Room
Monologue: Political Satire
Bob Franklin tells a joke
Lyn & Tony Babbage’s Doll Collection
Act 77: Hillary Bong
Bob tells another joke
Roz helps Julius the Parrot (interrupting Barry Priestlys stunt)
Interview: Donna Heston (Kitty Flanagan)
Drunk Bar Pick-up
Quiz Show Segment
Bob again
Shaun asks Joe Dolche to rewrite Shuddup Your Face
Joe Dolche performs “Please Be Quiet”
Mobile Antwash
Jim Waley throws up
Interview: Trina Lewis – Brave scene
Bob almost makes Shaun laugh
Thankyou from Shaun
“Nothing to see here”

Interview: Ray Pahns with new and unusual products
Chemical Plant Spill Complaint
Porthos Perfumes
Roll Call
The Last David McGhan
“Can I borrow your pen?”
Eloquent Squad
Burglar’s Calling Card

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