The Micallef Programme – Season 2 Episodes

Episode 1

Aired: 20 August 1999, 8pm
Special Guest: Don Bridges

ABC – The Dream Factory
Shaun introduced as Shane Micallef
Drinks: Milkshake
Monologue: Changes since last season
Hear Ye
Documentary: Old Glory Banner Company
Act 1: Mr Painful Memory
Interview: Sexpo ’99
September 1957
Reflection Roof Jumper
Fish: Gin and Tonic
Interview: Blind Climber
Little Devil (333)
Fish: Car Part
Worst Dressed Person on Television
What is a Polite Distance?
Myron: Eyes
Cheese Flag Burning
Interview: ’60s Escape
Fish: Forceps
Audience interaction with Terry
District Attorney Ferguson
40 Hour Pestilence
Hold Music Band

Episode 2

Aired: 27 August 1999
Special Guests: Tim Rogers, Glenn Robbins, Kevin Harrington

Skywriting Error
Shaun introduced as Shaun McEllif
Drinks from goblet
Monologue: Al Jolson
Ron’s Valet Parking
Miss Nude Australia
Act 24: Traditional Chinese Dance
How Uncaring Can People Be?
Wine Cellar
Subliminal Advertising Awards
Jean Steep, Comedian
Safety Audit Fools
Police Corruption Hotline
Bird Impersonation
Audience Member Tribute
Interview: Tim Rogers
Dracula Makes a SeaChange
Closing Monologue
Tim Rogers Housefire
Football sound effects

Episode 3
Aired: 3 September 1999

Shaun introduced as Shoon McEldrum
Drinks from face mug
Windscreen Sunshade
Mules on Wheels
Act 33: Dame Margot Ballantyne and Box Car Willy
Zemff Dairy Products
Washing Powder Test
News Story: Aromatherapy Spill
Old Lesbian
Feng Shui
Eulogy: Billy Enwright
Myron: Head
Racism Debate
Dentist: Spitting
Football Commentators
Drunk Women Lunch
Person of the Week
Domino World Record Attempt
District Attorney Ferguson
Closing Monologue
Tomorrow’s Headlines
Domino 2nd Attempt

Episode 4
Aired: 10 September 1999

Soldier Ants at Hanging Rock
Shaun introduced as Shean McAbdribe
Drinks from sparkling coconut
Monologue: Who Farted 2
House Fire Insurance
Autograph Collector
Act 2: Dante, Master Disillusionist
Interview: Young Businessman of the Year
Tent Pitched on Slope
Eulogy for Tommy
Game Show: Who Am I?
Interview: Feminist
Coffee on the Radar
Sponsor a Child
Hat on Frontways
Flood Interview
Fire BoyFlutes
Those Filthy Stinking Poms
Bird Dance by instruction
Closing Monologue
Not Now Pogo

Episode 5
Aired: 17 September 1999

ABC announcement on late start
Shaun introduced as Shoon Micaydreebo
Drinks from whiskey jug
Game Show: (Dangerous) Wheel Segment
Toilet Reading in Office
Hermann Khan and Fifi
Lizard Impersonation
Skin Care
Claustrophobics’ Picnic
Time and Motion Study
English Have A Go
Myron: Arm
Interview: Long distance swimmer
Abandoned Dogs from RSPCA
Celebrity Visitor: The Scared Weird Little Guys
Parliament Question Time
Gigi Rossetti
I’ve Got Contacts
Cley Wellings, Work Experience
Ali Baba & his 40 thieves
District Attorney Ferguson
Indulge Your Wildest Fantasies for the Kids
Closing Monologue
Large Adrian time  check

Episode 6
Aired: 24 September 1999
Special Guests: Kim Gyngell, Anne Phelan, Robyn Butler

Letter in the Trenches
Show opens
Shaun introduced as The Whats-his-name
Drinks from IV drip
St. John’s Ambulance
Bus Money
Documentary: Harold Holt
Act 0: The Gurgitator
Anti-Snore Pillow
Live Unprepared Interview
Parliament Question Time
Office Tea and Coffee
Wayne Fill-In Guest
Interview: Female Tennis Player
Out of Sync
Game Show: Non Sequitur Family Feud
News Story: Gas Leak
Last Person Standing
Spiffington Manse
Closing Monologue

Episode 7
Aired: 1 October 1999
Special Guests: Rhonda Burchmore, Frankie Davidson

Shaun introduced as Shoone Kalrydie
Drinks from a canteen
Open Letter to the Prime Minister
Break glass in case of emergency
Act 207: Claude Bile & His Invisible Poodles
Interview: Increasing age of consent
Royal Drive Thru
Game Show Segment: Lucky Wheel (Two Phils)
Morgue sale
Tank invasion
Myron: Dance Contest
Hypothetical: Drugs in Sport
Ripped ticket
Audience mobile phone
DA Ferguson
Let’s Draw a Lighthouse Competition
Rhonda Burchmore

Episode 8
Aired: 8 October 1999

Shaun introduced as Shard McOgylevne
Drinks from yard glass
Kids say the darnedest things
Moving to a retirement home
Act 511: The Diary of Anne Frank on Ice
Interview: Johnny Vogel
Prison paper clip
Interview: Actors as characters
Sketch without a punchline
Eli’s violin
Phone conversation confusion
Come on down
“Just the way it was the day he died”
Most Sex(i)est Man
Pharmacy dealer
Wine tasting squad
Blaming the family
Dream end sequence
“Shane, come back!”
No extra joke

Extra Sketches
Internet Saloon

Stock Footage Victims
Prince Philip on a Factory Tour

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